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How much do strains actually differ from each other with their effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Im not all up on the types of weed and want to know which strain is best for me

  2. I gave up on all that stuff years I just use it. I stick to Indica's for pain management since I use for Cluster Migraines. And Indica works great for that..
    But yeah, they do have different effects. Some mild differernces, some as different as night and day. Is that the answer, or are you shopping for a strain specific to a need?
  3. Im looking for something that doesnt make me think so much and get paranoid, i remember a while ago i smoked some that just made me feel relaxed and i could watch videos all the way through without getting caught up in random thoughts about what could happen

    but the stuff ive had lately just makes me feel a bit paranoid without much relaxation 
  4. Sounds like a sativa strain. Some people get that.....Take two hits off a bowl. One off a bong and ride into it easy. Just take half your normal amount. Then if you need another an hour later do the same. As for paranoia....that's just your nerves dude. Fuck nerves. You got nothing to worry about. DO YOU?
    Tolerence and familiarity are key in my experience. Don't push the envelope. I hate sativa for video games....I'm more of an Indica guy. Slower easier buzz... :smoking: .but a little heavey on the couch-lock if you hit it too hard.
    I've only smoked for 25 years, so I'm sure there is someone around here with more experince then me... :hide:  LOL....
    Weed is's you that is the hard part.
  5. Look if you're getting it from a dealer chances are the strain names are bogus.  But if you have a medical card your best bet is to go there are start experimenting with diff strains they have.  There is no real way to know what you're getting unless you know the grower.  From your post I would say indica is prob where you want to start. 
  6. Well, there are so many strains out there nowdays that one can feel that many differences begins to blur, what I mean is that many strains can reach for the same kind of effects.
    But surly there can be big differences between different strains.
    Often I feel the biggest difference between an indica or sativa.. if we take strains that might have both traits in them I feel that it their effects can be tougher to hold apart.
  7. to an extent strains can give different effects, especially indica/sativas.
  8. Hmmm. Weed no matter what the strain or quality, has always made me feel basically the same. If I smoke to much whether it's indica or sativa, I'm down for the count or not trying to move for awhile. But that's me.It's just a matter of trying out new strains of indica or sativa and seeing what works best for you honestly. Which if your a mmj patient is pretty easy to do as oppose to a street dealer where you really don't know what your getting everytime you buy. But also keep in mind if your smoking hella weed (like fat blunts/joints or a bunch of bowls) in one setting by yourself, your just setting your self up for either a paranoid or uncomfortable high regardless of what it is.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Some strains have a more balanced high while others are too heavy on the couchlock, or the racing anxiety, or the headiness. The best high IMO is a well-balanced one that has just the right amount of each effect. Which strain? Depends on what you like and don't like, finding the strains that deliver exactly the right combination of effects is an individual preference. I've been working on my favorites list for years and I've found maybe 5 strains that I'd grow again, and even then there's a chance of slight variations within the strain (phenotypical expression) if you start with seeds.
    I just harvested a Strawberry cough hybrid and it gives me a slight energy rush. I've never been a fan of that, but with the right combination of every other effect it works perfectly for an active, creative, fun high. Good mix of indica and sativa effects. My blue dream has slightly less anxiety, more cerebral, and finishes with a nice tired couchlock a few hours after smoking. Good smoke for late-night activities.
  10. First thing I tell everyone is strand names are all horseshit. What dealer is going to say "I have this subpar Mexican brick weed" - none! He will tell you it is Mango Tango Northern Light Twist AK-47 and every other name he can fucking think of! 
    My advice to you is to do this: research the visible differences between sativa and indica marijuana. Most strands are hybrids, but you can still tell if it's predominantly sativa or indica. Sativa is typically more of a head high, most likely what you can have an OBE with, and indica is more of a body high. They're both great. Try both, see what you like, and then try every flavor in between. 

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