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How much did you smoke your first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bindin13, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Just wondering how much you guys smoked the first time you ever toked up, and how high did it get you?

    --My Experience--

    I took 1 hit out of a glass pipe, and I nearly coughed my lungs out. I told my friends, that I didn't want to hit it again cause I thought I already had a lot. (Obviously 1 hit ain't shit now ha), but they convinced me to take another hit.

    I didn't think it was working for the first 15 minutes, I didn't feel shit. Then it hit me like a brick wall, my body slowly started to tingle all over and it was done. I was out of my fucking mind high. My friends were talking to me but I couldn't even hear what they were saying I was to baked, then I got a out-of-my-body experience which was tight as hell. This 'Extreme' highness lasted like a hour until I actually realized like WTF just happened?

  2. out of a bowl
  3. joint. got me flyin.
  4. Like .5 between 3 people including me and then I was just sitting and was like holy ruck why does everything feel like 3d haha.
  5. Idk 4-5 hits, i was toasted tho
  6. Well probably because life is 3D.
  7. 3 or 4 bowls of dank between me and my brother. I didn't feel it until like 15 minutes later, but when I did it was amazing. Everything has slowed down, I couldn't follow what my brother was saying. Lol, it felt weird to walk around and everything felt goofy and weird and was hilarious. Food was amazing also, tasted great and felt awesome just to chew it. Amazing high, that wasn't my greatest. My greatest had to be my 3rd time, where real life just didn't exist anymore, lol, but enough of that, I don't mean to get off topic.
  8. i was at my first job and the other maintenance guy i worked with said he would bring some bud so we could smoke up in the space in the roof of the hotel. u had to climb a ladder up through the ceiling in one of the housekeeping storage rooms to get to it, was a long thin walk though the inside of the roof which was separated into narrow sections by like 10 different it was pretty safe and we were the only ones to ever go up day we went and i took a few hits but didnt really feel anything. lol...but it was kool.
  9. Back in school I went with 2 friends to a college, then we smoked 1 joint.
    I was tripping really hard, the sky would change between day and night...
  10. hahah oh my. ill make the story short and sweet. at a friends house and hit a bong, they even gave me greens..i milked it the whole way but was not able to clear half of it. they were like pussy.... anyways i did that again and got better at handling the smoke. i waiting like 10 minutes and didnt feel shit just had a ton of salvia build i hit it one more time and it was a rough hit.. my stomach felt awful so i went outside. next thing i know im in the grass unable to move or get up. i just lay there and fell asleep then woke back up and came inside and had a good time. but for 30 minutes i felt like i was ketamine or something. to this day that bong fucks me up on 2 hits....3 and im done.
  11. Wait this is kinda off-topic, but I got a funny first-time smoker experience.

    So this girl, first time smoker on 4/20 decided to take a few hits. She starts freakin the hell out! She would be crawling around on the floor, jumping in her chair, talking and not making sense. Eventually like 30 minutes of her freakin out, she called her own dad! Told him that she smoked MJ and she didn't like it and wanted to go home...So everyone dipped out of the 420 smoking party while her dad came to pick her WTF?
  12. I had like7 hits. It was crazy
  13. I smoked a blunt with my friends haha. Mad sloppy but boy do I remember that first hit, I had never tasted anything like it before.:smoke: Glad I had only smoked a cigar before that in general and not gotten myself addicted to cigs.
  14. My first time was a blunt I split with 2 other poeple. Needless to say I was VERY high. very.
  15. Small bowl and a joint. Split with 2 other galls

    Didnt really feel shit, I just think i wasn't hitting it right, second time was a blast though.
  16. 1 Gram in a joint with my cousins parked outside of a all you can eat restaurant. :D Needless to say we were prepared :)
  17. First time I smoked a 1g blunt between 4 people (i was 15) and didn't feel anything but I hooked up with this girl so it was still fun.. I learned how to take off a bra that night:p well anyway, first time I felt it I smoked 2g of headbands(I think) with the local drug dealer haha it was dank and I was ripped haha My bro and I danced with a stop sign.. So needless to say it was a good time haha
  18. about 6 Jays aprox. .6 ea - 6 people
    2 hits BHO.
    was ripped !!!
  19. I smoked this beauty of a spliff, it was a gram and it was spun so damn nice. It was between me and 2 other people. We blazed the joint, and then continue to walk to the ''Holy Grounds''. At first I couldn't tell if I was high or not, but then I looked at a tree and was fucking blown at how beatiful it was! The rest of the day proceeded like this.....
  20. we smoked 3 grams from a bowl between 3 people of good regs. so about 1 gram to myself. i cant ever get back to that level of high ever again.

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