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How much creatine powder is enough

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by freddy jonesing, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, so I have a drug test in about 1 or 2 weeks and I just need to know how much creatine powder is enough to get away with the dilution method? I was an every day smoker, smoking anywhere from 3-5 bowls a day depending on what I was doing and who i was with. I quit cold turkey and it has been 35 days today. I did some at home tests from the dollar tree to see if I was still dirty a couple weeks ago, and sure enough all 4 that I tried were all dirty. I bought a first check test yesterday and plan on using it either later today or tomorrow for a more reliable and accurate home check but I am getting quite paranoid.(this is for a medical program at school that i have a lot of time and money invested in) 
    Anyways I have been taking a B vitamin super complex and drinking creatine powder shakes for about 3 days now and i just need to know, how much is enough? I bought this brand creatine
    unfortunately it was the only type I could find around where I live. 
    Any and all replies will be much appreciated, thanks.

  2. Wassup Blade, I've used this technique before. From your post, you seem like you must be a bit of a hefty individual or have a slow metabolism. 35 days is a long time to still test positive. Anyways, this blade is very thin with a high metabolism, but I normally take the regular dosing of creatine for 3-4 days all the way up to the drug test. I also then chew up about 8 tums, eat some multivitamin to color my urine yellow, and start drinking!
  3. Hey thanks man! Not hefty, 5'11"  160 pounds but I watch what I eat because like you said I do have a pretty low Metabolism. Anyways thanks for the information and reassurance, I'll be able to sleep easier tonight.

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