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How much coconut oil do I need to absorb 4 ozs

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SlowDraw, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Im trying to recreate Cheeba Chews. I have 4 Ozs to work with and I found a recipe:
    I figure it will be the closest it will get to it. According to my calculations I will have to quadruple that recipe to make the number I need. Now the question Im having is will 1 cup of coconut oil will be able to absorb 4 Ozs of cannabis. Ive never tried using that much with that little oil so if someone could share their tips it would be appreciated.
    Cheers :smoke:

  2. hard to say...I don't have experience with the oil to bud ratio...but my logic says go for it. mix, don't let it get burned and after instead of straining your going to have to use a press. least if the oil isn't strong enough you could reuse what you have....4 oz is quight a bit for 1 cup usually the min is just enough to cover the product.
  3. Possibly. If you have an 8x8 Pyrex and grind the bud really really fine. It should be easy after a decarb. It may cover it up. You may need a cup and a quarter or half.

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