How much cannabis is this?

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    This nug is about a foot tall from the bottom thats visible to the top. How much cannabis will that be dried? There are about 3 weeks left. 

  2. enough to get you hayyyyyyyyyy
  3. [quote name="dishphead" post="19384853" timestamp="1390375472"]enough to get you hayyyyyyyyyy[/quote]LOLOp, depends on a lot of things. What wattage hps u got? I would say anywhere from 10-30g that's just a wild guess bro
    I have the 1000 watt hps. The nugs are super sticky. 
  5. Looks thin to me it will swell up in the next few weeks

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  6. Umm if I had to guess can't say forsure cause it will for sure swell. But I would say after the dry about a OZ if its really dense. But I say no less then a half zip for sure good looking crop btw congrats.
  7. If you really wanna get a good estimate when u chop her down. Cut the cola off weigh it wet and take the wet weight and divide it by 75% or.75 and youll get your answer or very close to it. Im not trying to take ur excitement away. But ive grown thousands of buds like that that only end up weighing a quarter after there dry. But ur doing damn good keep it coming ill be along for the ride.  Gonna stick with my original statement lol. Roughly 28 grams :).
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    Yeah I realize that they shrink a lot, hell yeah though even if its only a quarter Id be stoked! because there are quite a few of these colas. This one is like solid buds all the way up. Also the buds are much frostier then I though they would be, the nugs are so damn sticky. 
    The calyx are just starting to swell. :smoke:  
  9. Hell yea ill be watching in on her. I wanna see how she ends up. I hope she's a monster.  :)
  10. Ya maybe an ozSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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