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How much can I get for 100? Im new to smoking.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dedadoo, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Alright.. I'm new to smoking just started about 3 months ago but I never bought my own weed yet. I usually just blaze with a couple buddies and throw them 15 or 20 bucks. But right now I'm looking to buy... I got $100 I'm looking to spend. I'm in Michigan. I don't want to get ripped off lol. Can anyone help me?
  2. What side of MI
  3. unless you know people anywhere from 70-100 a quarter
  4. About an hour from Detroit
  5. If this is your first time i would not spend $100. Try to buy 1/8th for $40-$50.
  6. Before you spend $100 on weed you should familiarize yourself with what good weed looks like/smell like. Then get a scale. THEN spend $100 on weed. Just my opinion.
  7. Like others are saying don't have your first buy be $100 easy way to get robbed or hustled. First off buy a scale for $10-$20 and make sure you know what good bud is perferably pay 10/g or if you must 15/g. Also don't throw your friends that much for smoking they shouldn't expect anythinf back first off and if anything $5-10 is plenty for just a smoke out even if its a gram or 2 smoke out and im assuming its less than that. Anyways aviod sketchy deals if somethinf feels wrong it probably is. Have your friend introduce you to his dealer after a couple sales througj a friend if you don't know a dealer. Stay safe and stay out of trouble

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  8. around a quarter give or take. 
  9. Depends who you buy from, in my state you could get a quarter.
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    A quarter, but like others said the safest bet is to buy like an eighth or less for like 40-50 dollars. I have paid 55 dollars for an eighth because the only contact I had was my best contact.
  11. Get a scale first, like yo I got one soon as I started smoking no later than age 14.
    If you do that, then you already pretty much got your shit in gear, unlike the majority of people.
    I recommend you don't blow $100 til you find some good hook ups. Eventually you probably will get some great connects, great prices and great bud.
    Keep it real! Also, if you get bud through a friend, make sure he introduces the two of you so you can hit him up in the future. Don't take any lame excuses not to.
  12. Around my area, (Oklahoma) I can usually get a quarter for 100$.
  13. I can get a Q for 100$ but in Louisiana it's pretty expensive
  14. I get a quarter for $110. My price sucks dick though.
  15. Yup about a quarter for $100 in Wisconsin..
  16. Non med state a q

    Med state 1o+ grams

    Could be more or less depending on area and connects
  17. In BC you could easily get a half ounce or more.
  18. a quarter in TX
  19. In BC that is definetly enough for a half ounce, probably more
  20. . I don't want to get ripped off lol. Can anyone help me?

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