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how much can i get away with growing?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kutalinelucas, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. hey y'all. Wondering if anybody is privy to the legalities of it all.

    im about 1 month into my first crop, i have a 600w hps, carbon filter, 4 pot wilma hydroponics.... the whole works in a bud box and its all good. The tent is 2 meter cube and i fancy getting another 4 plants on the go. Theres plenty of room in the tent for another system, but my girlfriend wants to know if i'll get more than a slap on the wrist if i get caught growing 8 plants (although i doubt i'll get busted). Please post me some good news to help me convince her!!

    id really appriciate any ideas - coz i have none.

    (i'm living in england by the way)
  2. :smoking:LMFAO unless you have a L's saying how much you can grow YES their will be a huge penalty!!! HUGE google your areas state laws on charge of cultavation of MJ. Lemme know what you get...:wave:
  3. In the UK the penalties are not as steep - as long as it is personal use I think you are correct - they will confiscate grow OP and fine you. Not 100% but I have read comments from people in England saying that.
  4. ah well, to my thinking, the vast majority of bud in wales and england is grown here, so theres gotta be a shit load of people getting away with crops on an industrial scale. fuk it, speculate to accumulate . i have the space, might as well giv it a go.

    cheers guys.

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