How much CALMAG you use?

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  1. i dont have any figures on what is in H&G. im sure the only way anyone would really be able to know 100% whats in ANY nutrient is to actually work "behind the scenes" manufacturing the product. also from what i hear is that this guy who brought out H&G is actually the guy that was originally behind Canna
  2. I found a comment on H&G's FAQ seaction and the guy claimed 10-12% calcium (no figure for mag yet). To put that into perspective, there is 10% potassium in the same bottle. So relative to NPK, canna coco runs similar amounts of calcium, which I feel may be a little on the low side for mid flowering.

    tothehead, how many strains have you run off the H&G coco line? Also what PPM do you run it at for veg/flowering?

  3. [quote name='"tothehead"']most people go anywhere from 2.5ml - 5ml[/quote]

    That's what I do. I run H&G but I still add a little calmag as an insurance policy. (2.5 - 5ml) Right now I'm testing coco from 4 different manufacturers. All of them are performing beautifully, but I precharged the bricked coco with calmag when I hydrated, and continue adding it to my res until about mid flower. The bagged stuff (royal gold) I let ride straight out the bag. Current cocos I'm testing are riococo, royal gold, generic hydrofarm bricks, and botanicare bricks..

  4. calmag should be dropped in late flower,unless u want to lock out k. I use 1 tsp per gal and around week5 or 6 I drop to 2ml per gal and add a tsp of epsom to boost mag.
  5. That is an outright lie which has been perpetuated for far too long.

    If you want the truth then go talk to canna. The only similarity between H&G's 2-part and Canna's 2-part is that they are both 2-parts. Beyond that they use different salts, contain different ratios of macro and micro, and are in different concentrations.

    Canna released a newsletter to all their subscribers about 2 months ago to dispel this rumor and put the truth out there.

    So don't be fooled by the H&G trolls who perpetuate the lie. They are just trying to sell their products.
    Not that they make a bad product. But they are Shady as shit. And they are Dutch. So you, an American, are sending your hard earned American dollars out of the country, where they will never be seen from or heard from again, to the Dutch of all places. Nothing like the great-great-grandson of a slave sending his hard earned money back to the country that enslaved his ancestors and dragged them across the Atlantic.

    There are many reasons to buy American. Namely, the American hydro companies do a damn good job and you wind up supplementing your incomplete Dutch lineups with American Cal-Mag anyway. With the economy being what it is we need to keep our money and our MFG at home. This puts the money back into our system, creating jobs, and allowing these US companies to put money back into their local communities.

    Spend your money where ever you want, hooray for capitalism, but just know there's a smart way to buy and there's... another way to buy. You listen to the hype, the lies, and then you send your money to the Dutch only to have to supplement their systems... I just don't get it anymore.

    Everything any person could need can be found at Botanicare or General Hydroponics. I do all I can to help support my local farmers who make their own, wonderful, composts. These guys don't claim to be the formulator of some wonderful system. They make dirt out of animal poop and plant debri. And what they make is quality. So, like I said earlier, lots of places to put your money into in this game. If you're an American, then be smart, and do your part to help fix this busted ass country. BUY AMERICAN!

  6. I agree that we need to support local companies (I also like buying from local farmers markets), but to think that will fix the economy is naive. A complete overhaul of our monetary/fiscal/foreign policy all need to be changed in order to bring America back to being a prosperous nation again. Getting Ron Paul into office will help our economy 1000x more than any amount of local spending.
  7. I never said that all we needed to do was to buy American.

    My words, very literally, were:

    Do your part...
    To help...

    Taking my words, out of context, calling me naive, and dropping in some sort of political "Vote For this Grade A Politician" message...

    Did you do it on purpose? Or do you troll by mistake?
  8. usually 5-7.5 ml but towards the end I cut it down to about 2.5ml

  9. And I was pointing out that 'your part' needs to be concentrated on changing monetary/fiscal/foreign policy by electing those who understand the economy. We are headed for a total collapse of the dollar. I'm just pointing out the seriousness of our problem, and what the actual solution is. The problem isn't capitalism.
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    Whats the bet that the popular nute companies source all their nutrient salts from China anyhow? Company names aside, it comes down to which NPK best suits a given strain.

    I suspect the reason they need to be supplemented with cal/mag is because canna/h&g are not formulated specially for cannabis? Or just some strains are very hungry for it and to put any extra cal/mag in their formula may upset the balance of other nutes.

    Anyhow, can someone please convert ml/L rates for botanicare to ppm?
  11. not to be a dick, but you did say more than "do your part to help" in fact you even said "buy american" in your post. facetious or not, you still said it.
    in regards to laylow's post, i think he was simply trying to gauge whether or not you were serious scmc

    i mean come on guys, the internet is serious business.... seriously
  12. good info on the cal mag doseges.i ll def tone down the cal mag after week 5. and i think that my overuse of the cal mag have caused me slight problems by locking out other nutes.

    can someone explain why that locks out K in the later weeks of flower?
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  14. according to my bible that chart is off its potassium that gets locked out with excess cal along with mag and mang.
  15. Excess calcium is a fantastic subject to approach with regard to coco and supplementation. Right now there are many growers who are, in some ways, blindly feeding their plants. In every garden what is important to do is not to mimic the actions of others but to keep a record of your own actions.

    I spent a year in dedicated journal taking. Managed a couple grows with a good variety of strains and some quality testing equipment; not to mention a good variety of nutrients and supplements. Compiling good data for yourself to reflect on is CRUCIAL and many of the "journals" around here pale to what you can collect in a mead notebook on your lonesome.

    I think that serious coco growers should all man-up and get themselves an EC Meter. All this pH this and pH that is a bunch of non-sense with the stuff. Run Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp and see for yourself. 3.8 in and 6.5 out. Fucking nuts, right, but coco is just great when it comes to buffering. Which brings me back to calcium.

    As a cation (an element in solution that is lacking an electron in the outermost shell) Calcium is in a family of elements like Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Silicon and a variety of other Nitrogen/hydrogen compounds. When using excess calcium in order to fulfill the buffer required for coco a grower risks overfilling his cation bank with this element and sacrificing Potassium and Magnesium usually as a result. The common reaction to this issue is too often "more k-mag" when all that needed to happen was the calcium levels should have been dropped maybe 20% about a week ago.

    My experience has been that the runoff from the media will indicate the present CEC of the media. An excessively high amount of calcium will result in a high EC runoff every time. Sometime around 2-4 weeks after using high levels of Cal-Mag it becomes very wise to tailor back the Calcium levels before you see any issues. For myself this typically coincides right before the first transplanting, and around the transition period to flowering.

    The conceptualization of the CEC of the coco media, and a kind of idea about what elements the media is holding, will allow any gardener to take complete advantage of coco for all it is worth. Might take some people more time than others but the important thing is to acquire some testing material, calculating your ppm's ahead of time, comparing tested versus predicted, compensate for deviances, develop a nutrient calculator and plan for your system, and before you know it calcium supplementation in coco starts to sound like an odd idea.

    A good coco system. A complete one. Needs no calcium supplementation at all. The issue with nearly all of them is more the lack of Iron, and Silicon. The addition of these two other cations to the media causes very noticeable results in the final outcome. Any coco grower that feels he has to supplement their own system should immediately question that line up. There are other options that don't need the extra calcium. Just more 1-part.
  16. as the plant uses the potassium in the coco it gets replaced with cal, in late flower there's a build up of cal especially when adding calmag, I'm still trying to find the right time to stop the cal I'm getting close

  17. ok so what would be a " good complete coco system that needs no cal supp" cause its to my understanding that cal binds to the coco making it harder to uptake for the plant so to me a good system would have to involve some cal supp.
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    Does the chart in your bible mostly cross reference consistently to the one above? Anyway you can link it into this thread?

    Calcium is a little tricky to figure out because it can also help the uptake of certain nutrients, which may offset any lockout with other elements, unless it's hugely in excess. Also another consideration is that calcium usually comes in the form of calcium nitrate and nitrogen lockouts potassium. The discrepancy between the two graphs may come down to which nutrient salts are used.

    Either way, it holds true that excess cal upsets the NPK balance. Question remains, how much is too much?

  19. i think thats why i was locking out potassium by showing purple stems and i think i also may have locked out N and K slightly also during veg bc i overused majical.since then i have just used .5 go 1 tsp per gallon and lowered my ph to the 5.5-5.9 range so all the nutes can get uptaked
  20. Hi SCMC,
    It's nice to see a pro American attitude on this forum. Too many times I have to read through leftist, liberal bullshit how America is bad & how capitolism sucks. Especiaaly since we have a socialist in the white house. Your post is refreshing.
    Sorry for getting off topic.

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