How much CALMAG you use?

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  1. My technaflora chart says a 1/2 tsp per gal but i always have used 1.5 to 2 tsp per gallon.

    Even with my dose im still getting reddish purple stems on a couple of my spoetnik #1 not so much at the bottom of the plant but more on the top of the plant just on the fan leaf stems.\

    I even add a tbsp of dol lime per gallon of coco when im preparing the pots and when i see purplish stems i sprinkle a little bit more of the dolomite lime on the top of the pots.

    so just seeing what you guys do with you coco
  2. most people go anywhere from 2.5ml - 5ml
  3. I use 1 tsp maxibloom and 3mls of calmag every watering in coco, and I too have purple stems on my fan leaves. I thought it was from not giving enough maxibloom though because don't purple stems mean that you have phosphorus deficiency?
  4. i used 5ml minimum every watering/feeding and i was using cns17 coco which already had extra cal and mag in it...never had any deficiencies though
  5. I tried 2 ml for a little while just to see if I could cut back and not waste nutrients, nope. I got Mg deficient problems within a week of trying that. I also have a 0 ppm RO system, so my Mg requirements are pretty much as high as you can get, but with that being said I still don't go over 5ml.
  6. i use 5 or 6 ml per gallon, and yes typically red stems would be a phosphorus deficiency... not magnesium
  7. oh ok i thought the red stems were from a mag deficiency.maybe i ll tone down the majical then cuz ive been using 1.5 to 2 tsp.

    how do you up the phosphorous without overnuting or burning the plant.i seem to have a phosphorous deficiency by the purple stems but the plant will be dark green and the tips of the fan leaves starting to slightly burn and if i add more bloom id figure im overdoing the nutes even more???

    i also water my coco with tap water that has some mag already in it so thats why i was confused as to how i still have a mag issue..thought the purple stems were mag def
  8. "As well as causing other nutrients to have absorption troubles like zinc and copper. Phosphorus fluctuates when concentrated and combined with calcium"

    if i had to guess i would think toning down your calmag might actually help...
    if the problem persists there are more than one reason why your stems could be red...

    "Other forms of phosphorus supplements are: Bone meal, which is gradual absorption, I suggest making it into a tea for faster use, where bone/blood meal is slow acting, but when made into a tea it works quicker! Fruit eating bat guano, which is fast absorption, Worm castings, which is gradual absorption, Fish meal, which is medium absorption, Soft Rock Phosphate, which is medium absorption, Jamaican or Indonesian Guano, which is fast absorption. Crabshell, which is slow absorption. Tiger Bloom , which is fast absorption."

    looks like you have a ton of ideas to pick through though
  9. I want to know if using calmag plus with the h3ad 6/9 formula is ok and how do i make a half strength formula. Measuring in (L) not (Gal)
  10. well... basically to get a "half strength" formula you use half of what the bottle recommends per gallon or "1 gallon = 3.785411784 liters" for those of us who can't google

    so for you you'd be using about 1 ml per liter

  11. thanks for that sorry i did not put the liter measurement in. :)
  12. oh yea, don't worry... i wasn't trying to be say, sarcastic, or whatever... i was simply thinking that other users viewing this thread might find it handy to have that conversion posted without having to look it up
  13. good post man thanks what im guessing is the overuse of the majical might actually be locking out the absorbsion of the phosphorous and maybe other nutes.i add about 1 tbsp/gall of coco of flowering bat guano when preparing my pots but i also add 1 tbsp of dol lime per gallon of coco also which is high in calc and mag.

    im gona tone down the cal mag use and maybe add a lil layer of flower bat guano on top of the pots to boost of the phosphorus.thanks man
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    I'm making my own home made cal/mag due to lack of available cal/mag suppliments in this country. A mixture of calcium nitrate and magnesium sulphate at a ratio of around 3:1. (cal/mag respectively) And i plan on running at 100-150ppm ontop of my House & Garden coco nute program.

    Can someone tell me how much the bontanicare cal/mag increases the ppm when added at a rate of 5ml/gallon?

    Chur ;)
  15. H&G has plenty of cal and mag in their base i believe. i wouldnt even use cal/mag w/ that line. i never did and never had a problem
  16. good to know, i literally just had a buddy telling me im "doin it wrong" because im not using home and garden...

    granted i dislike the fox farm that im currently using, but i like botanicare's line more
  17. not to be a dick, but, your buddy is wrong. ive used H&G's entire line before and i wouldnt say it out preform anything ive used before or since. FF is good for beginners, it what i started with years ago. botaincare is good. ive used their CNS17 line before and it wasnt too bad. i went from botanicare to advanced nutrients sensi a/b, big bud, bud candy, nirvana, overdrive. in the middle of using AN i found H&G and figured id try them because word on the streets was that its the shit. im not saying to wont get the job done, but its just expensive as AN and i personally get better everything w/ AN. im not saying to run out and buy anything AN, this is just my personal experience w/ these various nutrients. currently i only run AN jungle juice micro/bloom (H3ads formula) w/ a little bio-root in veg and some hydroplex in flower here and there. pretty basic but still get awesome results and spend alot less money

  18. i know you're not a dick, lol. and it wouldn't bother me if you were because my friend is a douchebag :D

    i would like to try AN over HG if money weren't an issue, but i think when my foxfarm runs out im just gonna go back to cns17 and experiment with other nute lines on side-projects as money comes in

    im also fine with this foxfarm now that i have it worked out. my only complaint is that it takes more than 1/4th strength per gallon for basically every strain (not just the heavy feeders) and the "big bloom" is just a slow release of the tiger bloom (literally all the same ingredients and using a tsp. of one replaces 2 tbsp. of the other...
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    Apparently so does Canna coco, which i used last run but still ran into calicum issues mid flowering. I think it depends on the strain and I'm sure the BF LSD strain i have is hungry on cal. As AskEd said, even some coco specific nutes dont provide enuf cal/mag for the hungry ones. Since H&G is big on potassium I don't believe extra cal/mag will go astray.

    Do you have any figures on the amount of cal/mag in the House & G line? They not good at providing information on their bottles. I would like to compare to Canna as i know where i stand with that brand.

    Appreciate ur input, Tothehead. :)
  20. I can't comment on comparing H&G with foxfarm/botanicare. But I can compare to Canna and the largest obvious difference between the two is that H&G run a NPK typical of a flowering nute, where Canna runs more vege ratios. So this is the reason why I'm running both, Canna during vege and switching to H&G for flower. :)

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