How much butane do you inhale when you smoke a bowl?

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  1. When you smoke a bowl of dry herb , how much butane and carcinogens are you inhaling?

    Recently I got into vaporizing and I'm getting nauseous after I inhale the vapor. Is this a side effect of not having butane / carcinogens / plant fiber, or is it the vapor??
    I don't take deep inhales of the vaporizer ..... and it's like I'm nauseous from the taste or when it coats my stomach.

    I miss smoking, ive been smoking 7 years. I want to go back to smoking but I'd like to know the amount of carcinogens and butane I'm inhaling.
  2. Buy hempwick or herb iron and forget about butane.

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  3. What vaporizer are you using? And where did you order it from?

    If you have a vape thats made out of cheap materials and/or you didnt do an initial "burn off" session, the vape itself could be why you feel like this.
  4. Could someone please explain how flammable butane passes through a lighter flame to get to your lungs? I have never understood this idea that tokers are somehow contaminating themselves in such a way.
  5. Lighter has the hottest temp, then Hempwick is the next lower and Herb Iron is the lowest. Herb iron is on the lowest hot temperature side so smoother smoke and you can get fucked up faster. All I know I can smoke more joints with a lighter but with herb iron shit I'll be done with 1-2 joints for the day lol.

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  6. Hehe. Yes when you pose the question "why dont we typicslly inhale fire?" the whole butane thing seems somewhat negligible.
  7. i was told nothing since its on fire and no longer some chemical but obv that chemical being burned has to give off some kinda bad fume lol
    im sure your not getting sick because a lack of chemicals from a healthier way of smoking hehe but i have heard of this "marijuana morning sickness" maybe that's what you have otg and the pure vapour doesn't like you to much
  8. 18 cubic inches per hit.
  9. From Wikipedia;

    Butane (/ˈbjuːteɪn/) is an organic compound with the formula C4H10 that is an alkane with four carbon atoms. 

    When oxygen is plentiful, butane burns to form carbon dioxide and water vapor; when oxygen is limited, carbon (soot) or carbon monoxide may also be formed.

    When there is sufficient oxygen:

    2 C4H10 + 13 O2 â†’ 8 CO2 + 10 H2O

    When oxygen is limited:

    2 C4H10 + 9 O2 â†’ 8 CO + 10 H2O

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    Heat produces a chemical change.
    The butane does not just disappear with the flame lol.

    Chemical changes are simple stuff we learned back in school.
    Not a complicated concept to grasp even with just common sense.

    That being said the amount you inhale is negligible and not even worth worrying about IMO.

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  11. not even remotely close to a toxic amount
  12. Butane does indeed "disappear" for all practical purposes. It is converted to heat carbon dioxide and water vapor.
    What I'm wondering is, why do people think some butane escapes the flame?
  13. I had a guy arguing with me the other night that the hempwick burned cleaner than butane. And that if I'd use the Hendrick for a while I would taste the butane when I switched back.

    Just could not convince him that the hemp fibers and beeswax were both adding more particulates to his smoke as well as flavors. What he "tastes" is an absence of all that, not butane.

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  14. Get a herb iron since it way better than hempwick and you can prove your friend wrong.

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  15. Before I'd go to that effort I'd use my vape.

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  16. I got a vape and a herb iron so I got the best of both worlds.

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    light your bowls with this

    they are good people they threw in a bunch of freebies with my order.

    whoops just saw it was already suggested
  18. I'm sitting here thinking about the butane powered soldering iron I have downstairs. Find a ceramic tip and I'm set. Plus it's portable.

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  19. whats the soot left from lighters? just carbon?
  20. Yes. And you only see that when you hold the flame too close to something and reduce the oxygen getting to the flame. Otherwise it all burns up.

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