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How much bud would i need for brownies if i use Purp or another strong strain

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HIGHEREDnFIRED, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. for about 4-5 people to get really fucked up on christmas lol.
    we're thinkin about getting a half oz of purp or sour D. how much would we have to use in tha whole batch?
  2. The whole thing.
  3. Well ok if done right which I hope you do, you should put it all in. Then when all is said and done make 14 pieces of brownie and each will be 1 gram and wala stones as fuck

    Please follow this guide if you are planning on doing it so you don't waste your half.

    I have used it a couple times now, and it works.

    thats another good one, a little more complex. You will need anywhere from 7 grams to a half of good weed, and a half or oz of mids.

    Make cannaoil, its alot easier, and takes a shorter time. Yes it makes the house reek, but oh well, just open the windows turn on the fans and such. The smell went away in like 12 hours so. just dont have anyone over that does not know you smoke.

    Remember, the more weed you put into the oil or butter to make the brownies the stronger they are.

    Moderation in eating them is key, do not eat 2 because you think 1 is not working give it time.

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