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how much bud do u buy a month?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Apr 10, 2003.


how much bud do u get monthly

  1. Ounce

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  2. Quarter Pound

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  3. Pound

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  4. 8th

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  5. 50 pounds because im a heavy dealer or im just lying

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  6. depends on how many plants and what time of year (if so elaborate show pics of plants or dry weight)

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  7. Why buy when you can grow for free?

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  1. well how much bud do u buy and is it good shit if u got a digi (wish i did) post the shit u get monthly
  2. the last 2 months i have spent more than normal. at least a hundrend and ten a month of good shit. really dank buds. normally i'll spend 150.
  3. An ounce or an ounce and a 1/4 sometimes...
  4. oh shit, i read that wrong. i buy about once a month. always the best bud around. always

  5. i chose an OZ, because usually ill buy a half ounce twice a month.
  6. half an o..
  7. umm...if i make it last..maybe a quarter uh..4 or 5 days.. soooo maybe a little over an ounce..
  8. i usually buy an eighth a month but most of the time more. up to a fourth a month
  9. about a QP actually... mixed of middi's and Nuggets
  10. Anywhere from an 1/8 to a 1/4 if I smoke often. Doesn't usually take much and I get okay pot.
  11. I go through about a QP a month. An Oz lasts about a week but I don't smoke it all by myself. I have friends that chill with me and we all get high...I like to share! :) It's always the best around for me, too.
  12. i usually smoke around a qp of reggie and about 150 of dank a month

    i dont need to buy it so im just rounding to how much i would need to spend if i did spend money on it
  13. in between an ounce and a QP...depends how much money I have
  14. it all depends. usually it is probably about a half o to an o per month. but then when i go home it is considerably more, and some times at school it will be an 1/8-1/4. just because the weed sucks here and is expensive as hell. i always buy the best i can find.
  15. usually about an 1/8 a week[​IMG]

  16. woRd
    i do da same shit. ususually spend bout 50-80 a week when i can afford it. only get the dankest shiaaat round tho, no schwag fer me
  17. I don't know exactly how much I get. It really depends on who I'm hangin out with, and how much money I have.

    Let's just put it this way, not enough to keep me happy, but more than I can afford.
  18. usually $50 per month.
    I only buy the good stuff . take one hit here and there. usually one hit will set me for the night.

    when i was smoking schwag, iwould smoke way more and get more headaches and sore throats. nowadays, just hit here or there.
  19. depends on demand...

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