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How much are YOU paying?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuniorToker, May 9, 2011.

  1. I just want to know how much you guys are paying for your weed, and what type of weed you get. I usually get hydro kush, and i pay $10 a gram.
  2. im in IL and standard is 20/g for dank. kinda sucks but w/e
  3. "hydro kush" A.K.A. Beasters.
  4. 5/g mids 20/g dank in SC
  5. meh depends on what im trying to do... nothing very soon..

    right now i can grab O's of dank for 250ish, QP's of mids for 250ish, QP's of schwag for 150...
  6. I live in Australia and I buy for:
    Gram $15
    Que $70
    Half bag $120

    Theres not many types of strands in aus mostly just standard, you come across purple haze or mango weed now and then for around $15-$25 a gram depending on your dealer
  7. 15-20 a gram for dank in central florida.
  8. 20/g fucking dank dont really give a fuck about the price as long as its dank, MA
  9. half O mids for 15 bucks
    half O fire for 120 bucks
  10. lol you get a half ounce for less than i get a gram

  11. =o

    Quarter O: $100
    Half O: $200
    Full O: $300

    Its either some exotic shit or fresh nyc diesel. never mids
  12. g- $15-20
    8th - $45-50
    quad - $90
    half - $160
    z - $250-300
  13. Here in SC I pay $20-25 a g for loud sometimes 15 on a special occasion, and 5 for mids.
  14. yall need to stop copping grams
  15. 20/g for dank or 15/g for mids
  16. I'm in the lower north east of the states and I pay $120 for a 1/4 of beasters or dank depending on who you get it from and what's available.
  17. 10 dollars a gram for some dank, but I am good friends with my dealer so he hooks it up. In Washington btw. :)
  18. Mids:

    20 an 8th
    60 a half


    20 a g
    60 an 8th

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