How Much Are These Bongs Worth?

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  1. Hey this is my first post so yee. Just wondering how much you guys wud pay for each of these bongs? in parenthesis, i put the asking price each person is selling these bongs for
    about 2.5ft tall, has two dome percs, and an ice catcher. Comes with a 9-hole HiSi bowl, and a diffused downstem; the downstem has the last half inch broken off but still works fine (120 or [50 and 6g's of MJ])
    8 arm tree perc, fully adjustable grade 2 titanium nail (fits 14mm & 18mm) (100)
    18" high with a dome perc? (70)
    what do you guys think? thanks

  2. The second one I would definitely pay a bill for.The other 2 I wouldn't bother with because dome percs tend to be a little draggy and the first tube has 2 of them and that with the height of the tube can't be too good.
  3. The second one i would scoop for sure and if you want a bong get the last one its a tree arm perc and you get way less drag than a single dome perc and the first has two so it'd be a bitch to clear.
    The top dome perc is actually a splash guard and shouldn't have a noticeable effect on drag.

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