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How Many

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalianGymSocks, May 19, 2010.

  1. How many bowls can a new toker get out of 1 gram of dank? like white widow or something similar
  2. im guessing 5-6
  3. I usually smoke around .2 to .3 to get fairly ripped :) And im a kind of new smoker.. been smoking for a year but only once a week.
  4. Depends on the size of your bowl.Real good smoke you can get high more than once off one bowl!WB
  5. back in my beginner days whenevr i got ahold of something really nice, i would smoke .1 if that and get a really nice buzz. so it all depends on what you call a bowl, if its just a tiny pinch, a gram could go a long way
  6. Usuaully 4 bowls for me. I like to fill it to the top after griding it.
  7. If your into conserving just try smoking little 1 hitter and just do that until your satisfied with your high.

    I'm guessing you wouldn't need much with white widow. Best ive had is Afghan Kush, and i was completley baked after 1 joint between 3 people, but continued to smoke 3 more.
  8. 3-5 small ones
  9. win.

  10. Are you asking how many bowls or how many times you can get high?
  11. 3-4 full bowl packs on average. However this varies depending on the size of your bowl of course.
  12. i'm new to smoking and my grams last me pretty long, it usually only takes .1 or so to do the job for me

  13. This ^^ Whenever i have little bud (Less than a gram) I always just load one hitters and corner it, seems to stretch it a little longer and gets me a bit higher than just loading it all into a bowl.
  14. Yeah, reason it's so good is just that when you pack a full bowl you end up getting a lot of smoke that escapes into the air, unless your like this champ and can pooch a whole 2 gram bowl.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  15. it depends on how big the bowl is. my bong can hold 2 grams while my pipe only holds about 1/4
  16. Pack little "snaps"/"snappers" w/e you wanna call em, one hitters that you snap through. if you're a new smoker you could probably make a gram last quite a while that way.
  17. my pipe has a semi-deep bowl on it. but i think i'll just load one-hitters in it. i only smoke at night most of the time if that helps
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    I'd say you would be able to get 6-7 sessions out of it, being a noob/low ass tolerance.
  19. #20 EvoMan454, May 25, 2010
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    Thats a big waste, look at the color of his bong water. That means a lot of the weed was simply pulled into the water, hence the sizzling sound from the hot weed being cooled down. Still pretty nice though.

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