How many vikes do YOU take to get a fun high. No this is not a dosage thread

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    How many vikes do you take to get a fun high.
    I personally take 5 or 6 for my own high.
  2. as many that can fit into the palm of my hand...
  3. Like 3 or 4
  4. 3 is all need to get me cozy
  5. vics dont cut it, waste of do. I'd die from liver failure before I caught a nod
  6. Ahah thats funny Barnkis. :hello:

    I usually take like 7-8 and only feel good, nowhere how id like to feel.
  7. this ^
  8. depends on how much tylenol they got in them
  9. Yep same here
  10. Sucks for you dude, a few pills has me feelin great.
  11. id take 100mg with CEW
  12. This sounds great! Id do this also
  13. Hmm. yes, CWE. In that case I'd need like 20 or so :(
  14. One 5mg.

    7.5 to 10 when tolerance builds up.
  15. I remember back in the day a football and a tab 10 together would get me feeling awesome. Now I can blow 50-60mg of Oxy and still don't feel near like it used too. Oh well.:eek:
  16. 20.1 actually! :(
    I feel your pain.. horribly.. it's tragic. :( :mad:

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