how many vics

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. how many 5mg viks should i take to get fucked up + some dank bud (ill smoke like a bowl or 2)
  2. Pop/parachute a few or snort 1.
  3. Start with about 4 or 5
  4. ya ill parashute them.. how many ..? 2? and isnt snorting dumb because of the tylenol?
  5. take 20mg... so 4 pills. wait till you feel real good before you puff, otherwise you might kinda override the effects... if you don't know what your expecting from the buzz.
  6. ive taken them before so i kn owhat to expect its jsut been a while..
  7. If you're gonna parachute them I'd take at least 3. The more the better, just don't go too far overboard.

    Snorting them is bad for your nose but it won't kill you. To say it's dumb is wrong; lots of drugs are bad for your body but that doesn't make it dumb to choose what you do to your own body. Besides, if you're that worried about it, you can try cold-water extraction to extract the hydrocodone and leave the acetaminophen behind.
  8. hm i might snort 1 and para 2? sound like too much to little? or mayb snort half one and para 1.5 idk wwaitin for mom to go to bed then ill go grab em and see
  9. Either one of those methods would work pretty well. Personally I'd go with the 1st one because I feel that snorting gives much stronger effects, but like you said it's tough on your nose so do whatever you feel is the best choice for you.
  10. take at least 4
  11. k i got 4 of em .. but theres these .. red ..spots on them.. i never had vics w red spots?!
  12. Red spots? What did the label on the bottle say?
  13. hydrocodone 5/325? (number was under 500 for second half)

    pills say 3202 / watson
  14. Those are lortabs. Ive only seen them one other time.
  15. and there safe to take same way correct mang? plz respond sapa i wanna get high haha mom jsut went in
  16. What does it mean to parashute?
  17. Yup its got the same thing in it

  18. take the pill .. make it into the finest powder u can .. and fuckin uh .. put it in like a tissue or something.. and when u have a nice ball of poweder swallow it and when it hits your stomach it will open up and will all hit u at once.. instead of time released desolving in your stomach it releases all chems at once .. realy nice feelin
  19. aha i parahuted 4 .. and almosted fucked it up i didnt swallow the tissue it was to big and pulled it out .. if i spilled it i woulda been mad lucky it stayed in the tissue long enough to put it back in mouth and retry swallowing it.. phew.. now we just wait to go smoke and be fucked up =D
  20. Nice man enjoy. I don't even have any herb now, so I'm just drinking some beers for tonight. I'm on 5 and I'm starting to catch a buzz...yay :wave:

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