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How Many Use Hempwick?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EmoSteve, May 25, 2010.

  1. Do you use hempwick like beeline or I-tal hempwick to light your bowl or do you just use a lighter?

  2. I've used both a hempwick and a bic lighter. The hempwick was cool I guess but personally I didn't notice a difference and I think a lighter is more convenient. But for those who have really sensitive taste I'm sure a hempwick is a great investment. Just don't buy into the "It's healthier than unignited butane!" bullshit because I read somewhere that the shit the hempwick puts off isn't exactly the greatest either. If you really want the cleanest hit get a hakko soldering iron with a ceramic heating element and use that. Just be careful when you're baked not to burn yourself or others haha.
  3. Fuck that! I burn myself with my soldering iron even when I'm not baked lol.
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    I have bought one medium book of bee line and it is fun for a bit, but it is kinda annoying to have as you have to pay constant attention to a continuously burning wick, or you have to keep putting it out and relighting it. Eh, not sure if I will buy anymore, but it has not been a bad experience overall, just underwhelming.:smoke:
  5. i light a candle, and then just re- light my hemp wick with the candle flame
  6. For bowls I use I-Tal.
  7. Tried the I-Tal for the first time the other night. VERY nice. I was surprised it made as much difference as it did. One thing--if you pinch the flame out with your fingers, your fingers are gonna get all sooty. Just shake it out like a match, then re-light it when you're ready for another toke. Want convenience? Wrap 5-6 feet of the stuff around a lighter. My 2 cents. :smoke:
  8. Where can you get Hempwick, I-Tal, or soldering iron?
  9. Got I-Tal at the local headshop. Soldering irons? Hardware store, Harbor Freight, places like that.
  10. I read about hemp wicks in this forum and have used them ever since. My first spool was I-tal which I like better than the beeline thick wicks.
  11. Ital hempwick ftw!!! :hello: I'll never go back to poisonous lighters again! :wave:

  12. THIS!
    When I purchased my bong they guy gave me a buncha stuff: pipe cleaners, 420 cleaner, lighters and I-tal hempwick. I have had 3 or 4 lighters wrapped with the hempwich and am now down to 2. I can "taste" the difference between lighter and wick. but thats just me.
  13. fuck soldering irons those things are the devil. when im 100% sober i burn myself all the time, if i was baked using one then i just might kill some one by accident.

    i use a lighter, im not going to worry about if its healthier to use a hemp wick because im already smoking weed, who gives a shit.

  14. ... Are you implying that the sacred herb is "already" dangerous or something? :eek:
  15. I considered using hempwick, but I like living on the edge :cool:
  16. hey i use hempwick for my bowls and my pieces, from experience it's really good stuff. I highly recommend it.:D
  17. How posionous are lighters realley?
  18. The score is right now 28-22, lighters winning. What makes me sad is that if you asked random weed tokers around the world, lighters would be winning by a huge amount. We blades are educated when it comes to weed :) Everytime I pull out my grinder people look at me with a "the fuck is that" face.
  19. I have fired up with everything from a twig from a campfire to a micro-laser.
    For a long time my favorite was a trigger operated BBQ lighter.

    We recently tried BeeLine and loved it so we bought a ball of it.

    Our method is to light a candle with a lighter, and dip the BeeLine into it.

    To make it convenient to handle, we wind a length onto a sewing machine bobbin and let three or four inches stick out.

    I like how the small flame gives total lighting control instead of blasting across the whole surface of the bowl like a lighter does.
  20. Wow, I'm surprised how many people actually use hempwick. Not saying it's bad or anything, but where I come from like literally almost no one uses hempwick or any related product, despite almost all the headshops (including the one I work at) sells it. I think tomorrow when I go in for my shift I'm gonna need to pick some up and give it a try.

    p.s. - for people who use it, aside from taste and supposed health benefits, do you notice any other differences between that and smoking with a lighter?

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