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How many times do you smoke/vape/eat/etc cannabis in a week?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Everythingshazy, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Comment if you want...

  2. I vape around 3 times a day every day for over a year Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. About 21
    On average 3 times a day
  4. 7 is closer to the number than 14 I think. Maybe 8-10, but at least half the days I don't at all. The days I do, maybe 3 separate sessions with enough time between them where I still feel something but not truly high
  5. Which vape do you use ?
    also for all three of you guys
    how are your tolerances? Like how high do you get and how much do you have to use per session?
  6. I like vaping OP, i like it a lot.
  7. lol
    What vapes do you like/ how much do you feel you need per session in that vape?
  8. Everyday till I'm good
  9. I vape 3-7 bowls a day in my Arizer Solo. 1 bowl to myself is good for at least 3 hours, every time. 2 full bowls shared with my gf has me a bit higher than one bowl alone. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. I smoke anywhere from 3-5 js a day. I'm really trying to quit this tho, when I'm out it feels like hell!!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. I dab 4-6 times a day. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. All day, every day! LOL  As I sit in my den, there is a vaporizer (Vapor Brothers) and a small bowl with some Malawi cross weed to my right, and to my left is a small pipe and a sealed container of some "bag seed" weed.  I like variety. I will take a puff and then answer a question at GC, or read and add a new medical study to my List, or gather info for my (huge) family tree at Ancestry, or whatever. Then in a bit, I take another puff! At noon, I share a pipe with the hubby and watch the news. 4:20 or 5:00 we share another bowl or two and watch the news again. Then I cook dinner, if it's my turn (younger son and I take turns) and we have another pipe after dinner. Then back on the computer and puff, puff, puff! (I'm taking a year off from work, so I can be "naughty" and be stoned all day! lol)
    Since I grow my own, the expense isn't a problem. My "very well-lit" closet runs me about $35 per month to operate. (Love those big CFLs!) There are a half dozen plants at various stages of maturity in the closet, and 4 seedlings and 3 clones are on the window sill!
    As for tolerance, it isn't a problem- I still get high enough for my satisfaction. I don't need to get "wasted".  :hippie:  I just keep a nice buzz on all day!    :smoke:
  13. 21ish...sometimes more sometimes less. On the reg I smoke three to four times a day. Morning noon and night. Maybe a couple times at night
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    I usually have around 2 sesh's on days I work...3-5 on days 15-20 I guess, somewhere in that range.
  15. 2-3 bowls a day.Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. 14- 35 bowls a week, It's only a .4 bowl though, none of that party bowl shit. Just want those good heady vibes, I'm a sucker for a good time.
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    15+ elbow joint packed bowls a day at least. I honestly lose track. I pack five bowls ahead of time, then rotate them around so that one is always warming up.
    edit: Misread thought it was how many a day. No clue on how many a week lol.
  18. I'm a medicinal user so I'm not really trying to get super high every sesh, but a trench in the mflb, prob about .2 with a bit of keif will get me good and high for a while. Probably .3-.4 when I'm smoking

    I never really get as high as I did when i first started, but there definitely is a head change every time I smoke.
  19. 21+ for me. Usually, I will wake up and take a nice little snap, shower and drive to class, have a dab when I get home, then a dab and a snap before bed on most days. I try not to get completely out of my mind when I smoke, it's uncomfortable for me, so most of my snaps and dabs are rather small. In the past 3 weeks, I've maybe smoked a quarter.
  20. I honestly don't know, but ever since I've gotten chill with this one dealer, I've been going through my sacks fast. I've gone through an 1/8 in a day and half and now I'm slowly getting up to a quart now.

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