How many times can a plant bud?

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  1. How many times past the first if at all can a plant produce?
  2. It can't

    Atleast I'm almost positive it can't
  3. You can reveg then reflower. Not done it myself (not even to that stage yet) but I did see of it in a grow journal for a PC grow.
  4. what do you mean "reveg"
  5. I think he's talking about regeneration, where you clip the buds off, leaving the 'skeleton', and the buds grow back.

    You can do this, but from what I've seen, it takes about the same amount of time to re-veg, and potency is lost.

    Better to just grow another plant from seed or take a clone.
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  7. not exactly true, no potency is lost and it takes about 3 weeks to a month just to return to the vegitive state then a min of three weeks of veg growth then the whole budding process again. You will not get no where near the harvest that you did the first time around. If you are going to do this I reccomend cloning the reveg plant and trashing the revegged mother. I have done this to keep a strain that turned out bomb.
  8. Hmm..maybe it's strain-dependent? Only reason I said it loses potency was because I've read a few journals where the grower regenerated, and they said the bud quality wasn't near the same as the original.

    I'd still go with clones though.

  9. That is pretty cool but I like to clone before flowering and slap new clones into flower at three weeks into flower. Just to keep the bud flowing. They are talking about after harvest which I have tried and it is slower than growing from seed.

    Very cool concept though.

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