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How many stolen signs do you have?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkyworld, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Just added a reserved parking to my stash.. actually I just nailed it on the wall.. got 12 signs now... anyone got a 420 mailbox?
  2. when i was in Dundee we had some trafic lights. :D was really cool... we had plans to get it set up for to strobe in time with the music with the colours based on the pitch.
  3. Personally I have none, but I've helped friends get all kinds of specialized cones and wet floor signs (that say where they're from and other stuff) and we've gotten a "dog xing" sign.
  4. i found a "vote labour" sign once when i was pissed, and i painted a red circle witha line thru it and paraded it around town lol.

    it was a big sign just like the real estate signs!

    apart from that, all i have in my room is one of the flashing lights they have on road work things...

    damn.. until recently this forest where i live, it's fenced off and it used to have a big sign saying *DO NOT ENTER! RADIOACTIVE WASTE!*
  5. hehe, i know where i could get a "Beware of the bull" sign. hehe, would look good on the side of my PC.
  6. I have 2 ...a No Left Turn sign and a 30mph Speed Limit sign.

    As far as I'm concerned all street signs are fair game except stop signs because thats like murder and stuff.
  7. 'Do not enter'
    'Watch speed'
    'Blind driveway' (got this one ligit from a constr. worker, also a friend of the family)

    thats about all I have, but not all ive stolen :)
  8. yeah i got 2......from my local pub, before it closed, everyone wanted a bit of it..........i've got a big wooden blacksmith sign, and guy in the pic is actually sticking out from the board, and also a little glass box with all the tools in it, like a hammer and small vice and also some keys and locksmithing stuff.....i'll get some pics for fact i'll take them now..........Peace out........Sid
  9. pic

    Attached Files:

  10. just to show it's size....this is a 500ml can next to it........Peace out.......Sid

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  11. and the glass

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  12. In the last ten years I have spent 12,000.00 dollars or more on signs that were stolen off my jobs.. It keeps getting harder and harder to feed the family with all the theifs out there!!!!
  13. yeah, dont take stop signs. if someone gets in an accident, they will track you down!!

    last year 2 kids around here got in an accident and died because the stop sign was stolen. they found the dudes that stole the sign, and they are now in jail for manslaughter.

    be carefull with that shit, or put up a cardboard stop sign in its place ;)

  14. Well, OOOO La La Mr. Metric System!

    ...'roud these parts we call those Deuce Cans (cuz they'e 2 beers)

    hehe, just messin with ya... cool stuff though. We once scored a giant sombrerro (sp?) from a mexican resturant that was goin outta business. GIANT as in big enough for a midget to get under.

    I dunno, we were drunk and it was cool. Just one of those things you see the next day and go .... "What the fuck?!"
  15. 2?
    round these parts thats short on even 1.

  16. this is false! an american beer can has 355ml, so itd have to 710 to be two! 500ml is only 1 1/2 ;)

    ahhaah, but yes, this post is irrelavant and pointless....

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