How Many Spray Sites Will A 780 GPH Pump Handle?

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm building a little NFT system based on the plan below and was wondering if anyone knew how many spray sites a 780 GPH pump can handle. According to the plans below, there's going to be about 12 feet of hose or pipe required hooked together on a T connector.

    Planning on buying this pump: Quiet One Aquarium Pump 3000 - 780 gph

    I'm also wondering if I should just drill holes in a narrow PVC pipe or hose that runs through the main ABS pipe and just let it squirt through the hole vs. using spray jets to prevent issues with spray heads getting clogged (going to be using FloraNova Grow/Bloom nutes). Any input would be appreciated.

  2. That pump will be plenty.
  3. a fuck ton.

    I have a 200 gph that does 8 easy, really easy could do more.
  4. Thanks for the input. Anyone have problems with spray jets getting clogged? Im not looking for a fine mist, mostly even distribution.
  5. yes they will get clogged. fashion a filter.

    I would buy single carbon cartridges for aquariums and dump out the carbon and wrap the pump in it. But then today at superpetz I found a specific product. It's a nylon mesh bag you put over the pump.

    If you dont get some kind of a filter or in addition, another trick I figured out was that the first mister always clogged and then continued to collect debris for a while before others clogged, so if you put an extra mister at the front end, if will give some protection against one of your other misters clogging and your plants getting dry.

    all that said your pump has so much ass i dont know if anything will get stuck. lol :wave:
  6. superpetz website sux, but here is a link to the product elsewhere, you get the idea.

    Aquarium Filter Bags
  7. I know exactly what those are.. I used to use them actually in my old aquarium filter. Its a very fine mesh and its very loose. Dont you think it would get sucked into the intake and cause more problems?
  8. I dunno man. maybe your big ass pump can be fitted with an inline? Or like I said maybe it has enough ass to blast that stuff through.

    I'm sure you know this, but roots shed and they are the perfect fucking size to lodge in your nozzles.
  9. Yup.. If im not mistaking this pump comes with a screened intake attachment.. if it doesnt then maybe I can get some sort of metal screen and cover the intake somehow. Thanks for the advice. :smoking:
  10. According to the manufacturers website there is a foam pre-filter available for the intake. Might look into getting one of those.
  11. I have an inline filter made for sprinkler systems. It's super fuckin sweet

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