How many snaps should I take

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    i have 2 grams of blue dream right now and I'm kind of sick. I have a nice bong. Has a couple perks. I'm 5'11 and I usually do 2. I wanna feel as high as possible without feeling sick or having to sit down because I can't walk. I was thinking 3 snaps and then finish with a keef bowl but idk. How much do you take when you are looking to get baked out of your mind

  2. Whats up with all these posts
    "uhhh im x height, x weight, blah blah blah, how much should I smoke"
  3. You should be tucked up in bed if your sick. Having mummy rub your head & tell you its all going to be ok :)

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  4. if you want to be as baked as possible just fire away until you think you are high enough.
  5. Life force energy detecting.......... 12 earth years

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  6. Weed only effects people that are 6ft and taller sorry bud
  7. Just smoke weed until you forget what planet you live on.
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    Well damn, what the hell have I been doing for the last 10 years of my life? [​IMG]

    OP, what on Earth does your height have to do with anything? I think you're high af already and just overthinking, bruh [​IMG] Just take a rip, wait a couple minutes and see how you feel. Repeat until you achieve desired highness. Blue dream is a nice, chill strain. I'm sure you'll be fine even if you "overdo" it lol.


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