How many roaches are in a pound of weed ?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Headhunterpipes, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. I have a big jar half filled with roaches ,
    Mainly I give the roaches to a friend who cant always afford buy weed by bulk or all the time .
    So there is 453.59237 grams in one pound , I figure my average joint is 1.3 grams .
    This what I came up with .
    There is 348.917208 roaches per pound ..:passing-joint:
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  2. That's a silly question and impossible to answer. Buy a scale. It would depend on how much weed is left in the roach. There's ash and paper in there too. Why does it matter? You're not going to try and be douchey and sell roaches to a buddy are you?
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  3. What you cant read English or comprehend it ?
    I said I give my friend the roaches and I am not weighing what's left.
    Man you really need to read what you respond to .

    Haters . .
  4. ?? Wouldn't that be roaches per pound?

    How far down do you toke it? Use that percentage to factor it.

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  5. Have you ever heard of the practice of rolling a joint out of roaches? We used to do that and we'd call it a grandpa joint.

    Then you save the roach from the joint you rolled out of roaches. When you have enough of those you roll a great grandpa joint.
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  6. How big were the joints? How big are the roaches? Are we weighing the paper? Resin left on each joint? Many factors.

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  7. Ha i wouldnt smoke green if i had to use 2nd hand old stanky roaches. Give yr mate a kick up the arse and tell the tight git to buy a bag
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  8. The real thought behind this thread on my end and I am stoned is I have never had a big jar of roaches before in my entire life …
    Because of MJ becoming legal in the state I live in, and after a year in a half of starting to grow weed.
    I now have collected a jar of roaches ,
    So sitting here stoned as hell and kind of working on cleaning up my grow tent because I harvested yesterday
    I had to wonder how many roaches I got in that jar .
    My joints normally use about 1.3 grams ,
    There is no right answer my friends .

    I normally smoke 70 percent of the joint .
    Normally I grind all the weed I put in a joint and as a rule the weed I smoke is top quality, not premature nor super amount of stems .

    I have a jar that I have thrown about 3 pounds of roaches in .
    But I have a good friend who needs weed from time to time and doesn't mind free roach weed .
  9. Sometimes I mix roach weed with new weed but its not my preferred weed I rather smoke more then any green weed.
    My mate ( close friend has a devastating illness ) he will not recover nor ever get better .
    I will give him roaches or green no cost nor strings … He is a friend ...
    He needs quality of life to be able to go through what he has to face medically .
    If some roaches cheer up his life or giving him some fine ass bud, then its his..
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  10. I read that. Pretty easy to understand buddy, settle down. Seems as you had a hard time understanding me though. I'm asking why does it matter what the weight is? Are you selling the roaches? See the questions I asked before
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  11. Exactly 748.395 roaches per pound. It's a fact. Look it up.:rolleyes:
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  12. Obviously it would depend. Say maybe there's 0.05 gs in a roach on average, do the math. If you have a pound why even bother smoking the roaches
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  13. Asking how many roaches in a pound is like asking how many chocolates in a pound. Can't make an estimation because there's insufficient data to draw a conclusion.

    That said, there's thirty seven roaches in a pound. I roll BIG joints! :weed-4:
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  14. Exactly one whole fucktard per bag of roaches...
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  15. But a pound of weed only weighs 448g for the ease of splitting
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  16. Fair play but if i had a medical problem i could ease with weed id want the best i could get my hands on,but everyone to there own...
    I dunno but Does it not lose a bit of its potency or taste a bit ruff with having burnt weed smoke pulled through it already.
    i aint nrver smoked like that b4 so i dont know if its any good or what it tastes like..
    Are you smoking blunts?
    Id imagine there would be a load left in at roach end in a blunt so probz weigh a fair bit.
    Most peeps i know in uk we use rizla papers and the last like cm we dont put bud in (unless we use shade leaf as the bakky)
    when rolling it the bud usually mixes in it and a bit ends up at the roach end anyways but not a lot.
    Its just so we dont throw away loaded roaches but i know wid a blunt it would be different i imagine it would still be chokka full at the roach end :passing-joint:
  17. they must be huggggee joints a pic??
    453 gram÷37=12.2,nearly a half ounce a spliff b jezuzs thats insane.
    how do u roll em must b a couple of foot long lol and take a couple of your pals to help.
    I struggle rolling a 5 sheeter without
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  18. Cheech and Chongers ^^^^^
    The Big Bamboos.

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  19. Lol that’s my trash can not recycle smoke bin. I’m not sure why you’d consider smoking nasty roaches either when weed is in abundance but to each their own.

    Wanna guess my roach trash weight????
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  20. Dunno about that, but I foresee a new Grasscity game: Guess my weight in roaches!
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