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how many potheads are up at 4:20 am toking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gofuzzyourself, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. we've been awake at 4:20 am smoking for almost the past two weeks. how many other people do that too? :smoke:
  2. I always try to smoke at 4:20am
  3. If I'm up in the morning, which I usually am because of insomnia, I totally toke at 4:20, same in the afternoon.
  4. Im always up at 4:20am.

    And i got a roommate who works graveyard shift and gets off work at 4 and here right about 4:07-4:15 just in time to blaze.
  5. i always catch it in the pm.

    4:00 am is too early for me.
  6. im usually up because gofuzzyourself is usually up...

    the whole living together thing makes that happen.

    oh yea, we're pretty much nocturnal, so needless to say, 420am is a good thing
  7. well I dont mean to be up at 420 am but we usually have a pretty decent nightlife so were still up. I dont think i have ever gotten up at 420 am just to toke.....

  8. If I am up at 4:20 AM, I will smoke, but if I know that theres not gonna be any chronic involved at that time, Ill usually just crash.
  9. I'll smoke if i up that late, Dont happen much, but when it does. Its good times
  10. i used to always be up that late. now i am going to college for video game design so i'm rarely up that late anymore but i like to be up all night rather than during the day. maybe thats just me
  11. Naw, No way im getting up that early to toke.
  12. lol me neither, unless i happen to be up sure but other than that nope :smoke:

  13. i'm wicha on that one unless i am partying all night :smoke:
  14. lotta folks have insomnia...interesting

    crazy minds work alike? lol

    Yes I toke in the am nothing like waking up filling a nice vapor bag heading outside to just take in the day
  15. :) I work 5am shifts almost all week, so a bowl before I leave is perfect. Though it's usually at like 4:45am (a little late, but no matter)
  16. only if somthing has woken me up and its near 4:20
  17. that's what i call dedicated stoners... lol, i dont smoke at either since i cant be stoned during the day. i just smoke at night, like 9pm-12pm.
  18. the only time i'm doing that is when i'm at a party. then we all get high at that time
  19. when i wake up to go snowboarrding its around 4 am so yah that goes down alot during the winter...

  20. Nothing like toking outside when it's quiet as fuck snowing and all that

    When you get indoors and you've got some nice winter munchies on hand...some coco ect it's fucking chill time AND you get that nice hit of warmth that somehow makes you feel higher like the cold keeps it at bay

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