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  1. How many plants could I flower under a 400 watt hps. I hope to have the plants 12 inches when flowering starts and I would like to have as many as possible. I have a spare bedroom that I am using to flower and the closet is my veg area.

  2. depends. 16.

  3. Really that would be ok with just a 400 watt hps.. I thought maybe 10. The more the better lol.
  4. You have to work from the footprint of good coverage from the light, not from some abstract number of plants. A 400w should adequately cover a 4x4 area.

    Given the one-plant-per-square-foot rule of thumb that works out to 16 plants, so that's possible. But if you have that many plants spread over a larger area you really start to lose light intensity at the fringes. So you can't just count plants.

    A more likely number to grow out well in the footprint covered by a 400w is 10 maybe 12, IMHO.
  5. if you're going for that many one one light I'd use the screen of green (scrog) method. this is when you train your plants to form a cannopy under chicken wire, this allows you to evenly light your bud sites. check the link for more info

  6. Thanks man, I think Im gonna do 10 or 11.. This is going to be my first sog so I hope it turns out good. lol I will get a camra so I can show everyone how it goes.

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