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  1. Hi all, i run 3x 600w HPS lights. The area is 2m long by 1.2m wide. How many plants should i run under this lights to get the best yield.I grow in soil and how tall should they be before i turn them to 12/12.I would like your input.:smoke:
  2. I'd probably do a SOG or ScrOG with as many plants as possible per square foot. 3x600w HPS lights is a lot of light for that area, maybe too much if you can't ventilate them properly. But however you decide to grow, you should be able to get a sick yield.
  3. 1800w of HPS is about 70w/sq.ft which is just about right. I agree with above poster, and I feel that a ScroG would be the most efficient. Just get 1-gallon pots and cram as many as you can in there. How tall you grow them before flowering depends on your set-up, but with a SCroG you should only veg them for 2-3 weeks before switching.

    Happy growing :)
  4. With scrog you really dont need to cram them in, some even get more from less plants.
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    Thanks guys

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