how many plants under 400 watt HPS

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  1. When using the SOG method, how many plants can a 400 watt HPS grow effectively.
  2. well roughly 6 sq. ft can be effectively lit with a 400 watt HPS to sustain a rate of 70w per sq.ft. ..... so however many you think you can get in there n have ROOM to grow...... :rolleyes:
    id have to guess 5 :smoking:
  3. im not familiar with SOG (never done it) but can say LST n u'd have room for 5-6 plants if you tied e right.
  4. where do u buy that kind of lamp :p
  6. htg supply .com thats where i got mine, they took a money order and package was shipped extremly discreet,,,they sent my origanal letter,, my order slip,,, all that back to me,,,they retained no info. on me ,,, they have some awesome package deals at the best prices ive found,,,, and there stuff is new not refurbished,,,,,, i got a 400 hps with hps bulb, a metal halide conversion bulb,,,, a excellent grounded timer,,,, all delivered to my door ready to plug in for 205.00 that aint a bad price at all,,,,,and it still amazes me how awesome that bastard is.....
  7. For optimum bud density, consider covering no more than 4 square feet--assuming you are using a sog variety like northern lights, black domina, etc. Use reflective walls to maximize light effectiveness--flat white is fine.
    True sea of green=4 plants per sq ft or 16 plants.
    Anywhere from 4 to sixteen plants--I recommend 8.

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