How Many Plants In My Tent?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Buds245, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hello, I just purchased the grow lab 60 grow tent which is 24x24x63 (inches). I have 3 auto flowering seeds, northern lights, blue amnesia, and blue mystic. Would I be able to fit all 3 in there without a problem or should I just go with one?
  2. i would just grow one in that space
  3. So 2x2x5? You could do 3 it will be difficult to gage being that they are autos and you will have less control of when they get bigger. I would do one if first grow. Multi if you know what your doing Proper training is a must when working with a small space.

  4. Ya that makes sense can't really train it too much. Ill probably go with 1 for the first grow
  5. Yeah you can fit the three in there just about the right size.
  6. I'm just worried about them getting bushy and running out of room
  7. 1 plant if you moderately train it.
    2 plants if you train the hell out of them and keep them in smaller containers.
    Don't do more or you'll regret having to adjust your plants daily as they battle for light and space.
  8. I would personally plant a single plant in this size of grow tent. That way they will get a good amount of light and an even supply of nutes.
  9. I'm planning to start a grow with just about that tent size. I'm kinda new here but I've been learning daily.
    Would a scrog help with one or two plants?
    Thank you all!
  10. Not suppose to scrog autos....what people say on here anyways. Just suppose to let them be and grow no training at all from what I've read on the autos thread. So first grow just grow one and if u end up having a lot of extra space you know for next time you can do two, but one good size plant will def fill that tent up.

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