How many plants in a 3x3 with an led

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  1. Hello everybody! I am currently interested in buying the platinum 300 led and was wanting advice how many plants I could grow under it. I'm planning on buying a 3x3 tent so I was wondering how many plants I could be in there without it getting over crowded and still producing the best yield. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  2. 1 plant 10 gallon pot. Big yield. I did 6 5 gallons under 4 600hps air cooled hoods and it's crowded. I was going for maximum light coverage and I have achieved that. So I'm expanding my room by 4 ft wider after this harvest and now I have 6 in 10 gallon pots. They have been vexing for about 3 months now and they are huge. Can't wait to flip them

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  3. can i please see a pic, so few plants under so much light, i bet their sexy little bitches
  4. In 3 x 3, your area is limited to start with. Also, with an LED, you only get coverage straight down under the light...with no reflection I would start with 1 plant. You can get more from 1 plant that gets all it needs than you can by crowding 3 or 4 into that same space. With crowding comes shading and nothing will develop really good below the canopy. And....if you're going with LED's, be very careful of what you choose to spend your money on. Research the lights and those who make them. Deal with people who make a good quality product because there are just too many points of possible problems with an LED light to buy from people who won't stand behind their product....and it's often difficult to get your warranty covered if it's from China...and that's where all the cheaper lighting is made. A good American made LED light is going to cost you some real bucks, but I wouldn't even think of going with anything else myself. They grow beautiful buds, but they just don't provide the coverage you need to grow multiple plants under them. I was looking at a 700 watt KIND LED the other day at the hydro store...and KIND is a very good brand of lighting...but they wanted $1,250 for it (at least I think that's the price they quoted me). You can always find your lights cheaper on the web, so always shop there and is an excellent grow house out west that I deal with on a regular basis if you're in the market for a good place to shop. A big as much research on learning HOW to grow these plants as you do deciding on the setup you plan to use to grow with. There are basics that every grower needs to know about this plant and it'll make your experience a much more enjoyable one the more you understand the process. Read the "sticky's" in the new grower threads for beginners. They contain a wealth of information that all new growers need. Good luck! TWW
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  5. Thanks everyone! Really helpful, I see people with tents with a bunch of plants crammed in them, I think i will just do one plant than. I just want to be able to grow enough to provide for me I'd be happy with a 4-5oz harvests. And hid is not an option with me due to the spike in the electric bill it would cause
  6. hid raises my leccy aboot £1.30 a day which is aboot 2 yankee bucks
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  7. Well I used 12kilowatts (American average). With the platinum p300 led it only uses 180 watts out of the wall and that's costs $22.60 l. It says on their website that the light replaces a 400w hps. If I ran that I figured it out to $48 so it's gonna cost me twice as much to run. I wanna go the led route because I don't wanna have to deal with the heat and I've been seeing that leds can produce good yields and quality.
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  8. They blew away my expectations..! Day 54 veg. 2 hybrids + one fat indica. Under one p300 in a 2x2(x4') tent. SCROG'd IMG_20160726_135003270.jpg
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  9. IMG_20160902_242109722_HDR.jpg
    My p300 in TWO x TWO :) PERFECT IMG_20160902_242109722_HDR.jpg
  10. I have a hard time believing an LED pulling 180W would equal a 400W HPS. I might be wrong, but it sounds like a marketing trick.
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  11. "marketing trick" like those wizzards trying to sell you phones without wires
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  12. Because exaggerated claims are unheard of. What an awful analogy btw, just terrible.
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  13. There really saying it's equivalent. Or "works as well as" - due to its perfect spectrum for photo. And not so JUS much orange red and yellow from a HPS. The actual ratio of wattage to par is so much more efficient on LED lights in general. I'd love to try hid. But it's not in my possibilities. LEDs will be fine for me [​IMG] tiniest small outside tops. Their really packing on weight my tent is central AC cooked n exhausted w a 390cfm apollo
  14. 2 Yankee dollars a day with what wattage hps lights brother?

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  15. Well the thing is on these forums you read reply after reply of people basically saying that "oh well if your using an led it's not strong and it's not going to yield as much" but you see thousands of grows where people are using one or two of the LEDs lights the guys trash on and they are growing beautiful fat thick buds
  16. just finished my first indoor grow in a 3x3,
    I grew 3 plants under one SF1000 set to 100watts
    and 4 23w CFL's in the cornors 6500k for veg, 2700 for flower
    one OG Kush and 2 Purple Kush
    I flipped the plants at 5 weeks so they were about
    18inches tall with 6 or 8 nodes cant remember.
    The two purple kush are still going I harvested the OG
    2 weeks ago and got 53g of dry trimmed but and around
    38g of nice trim
    pretty sure I will pull more then 6oz out of the tent as the purple kush buds
    are bigger.
    I do need more light but I question the recommended 35 to 50w per sq foot with these new
    qb style leds
    I will probably pick up a hlg 135 to add to my tent
    This next grow I will run 2 plants and veg a little longer
    3 was wall to wall
  17. It’s not enough light to fill a 3x3 and flower.
    The reason leds Can use less wattage is because they use a watt much more efciently. But most leds atm are bullshit with their claims. Never trust one that advertises at a watt but then you have to go digging for the actual watts draw.
    When you think led you need to be thinking quantum board and not blurple.

    when you have sufficient light for your tent it doesn’t matter how many plants. Less plants just means less veg.

    heres my last;
    3x3, bio-bizz, 1 plant

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