how many plants in a 2x3x4 space?

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  1. i would like to start growing and was wondering how many plants i could grow in a 2x3x4 space. this will be my first grow, if that matters. i am thinking about doing it lst style, because i have heard that this increases yield and controls height. i also plan to use a 400w hps light. thank you for any advice.
  2. 4-6 could fit in that space. Since you are planning on LST you will bush them out and probably want to put them in good-sized pots so stay more like 4.
  3. yeah, my original plan was to grow 4 plants in a 2x2 space in 10'' square pots, but i thought that i might be able to grow another 2 if i increased the size of the box. would you recommend growing, say, 2 or 3 in a 2x2 space then? or could i still grow 4 in that space?
  4. swim says 4 plants in that amount of space , esp. since u mentioned using square containers , this will help with utilization of space(or the lack thereof):smoke:
  5. You could do 4 in a 2x2, but you will have to keep them smaller, which means less yield. That is up to you, based on your goals. Do keep in mind, however, that most growers expand their goals, even if only a little, once they become comfortable with the grow process. So if you can do the 2x3 now that probably is better in the long run.
  6. If it was me I would do a 2 plant SCROG.
  7. Go right down the middle.... 3 plants

    Stagger them a touch, one toward back R, One mid front , one back L.
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    At four feet tall I would recommend against using HPS. The light itself will probably be about a foot in height and then it will need to be hanging at least a foot above your plants. Plus, in an area that small heat could be a serious issue. I would suggest you fill the sucker up with CFLs. Also I would recommend three plants for you grow area in a triangular orientation to allow the most space for each. LST is definitely something that would be benificial for your small cabinet size. I'd also recommend looking for really wide pots sou you can have 3-5 gallons per plant without using up too much vertical space.

    Also, you might able to fit only two plants in there but i wouldn't recommend going higher than three.
  9. thank you for the advice. iit seems like 3 plants might be more practical if i decide to go 2x2. regarding lighting, if i could increase the height to 5 feet would that allow me to use hps? i have read posts of people with similar set-ups using hps. i was planning on using a cooltube with a fan blowing over the light and a separate fan for exhaust. would such a set-up be able to control temps?
  10. Yes with a cooltube you can do pretty much anything with an HID. I had one with a 2.5 ft tall plant in a 4 ft space. No heat stress.
  11. how did you have your cooltube set up? how powerful of a fan did you have? i was thinking of using an 80cfm fan but am unsure whether or not that will be enough. i would also have a ~250cfm fan for exhaust, if that makes any difference.

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