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How Many Plants Do You Recommend for 1 LB.?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Keez, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. How many plants would one need to have a continuous yield of 1 pound every 4 weeks? What strain do you recommend (considering Light of Jah, Critical Mass)?
  2. Assuming all the right conditions are met (excellent light, good fertilizer, watering, ventilation, etc. etc.).
  3. youtube it or google it.. im new to growing and just in the 3rd week of flowering so i havent had a harvest yet. but my guess would be maybe 16 plants. 4 in flower if grown in optimal conditions by someone who really knows thier shit. may take awhile to get the right schedule of adding new clones or seeds to veg state. but once u get established id say 4 plants flowering should give u a pound.. just got to make sure u start new ones and theres no stunted growth or problems so when one batch is done flowering u can add a new. keep 4 different stages of flowering in ur grow op and rotate accordingly bi weekly. make sure u mark the plants at each stage like 2 weeks flower or 4 weeks ect.. then start pulling 4 a week out and adding 4 more.i hope im making sense right now i just medicated lol it makes sense to me, but i live in my own world LOL
  4. You shouldn't look at it like that you should find a spot to grow and choose the number of plants based of your growing conditions. But id say at least 6 plants with great results.
  5. Thanks, those are some good tips!

    I did Google it, but I want to get firsthand knowledge from someone who has played the game and learn their experiences with growing upwards of 1 LB!
  6. I grew 6 OG plants under a 1,000w HID and got about a lb...there were some problems along the way but I ended up hitting the 1 lb goal. I'd say you'd be able to score a lb under a 600w with maybe 5-6 plants.
  7. I got 22z's under 1000w, about 5'6-6' high with 6 plants.

    I know I can do better because they were heat stressed early flower because my beaker would trip at my old place when I put on ac... Come to think of it they were under a 600w the first two weeks of flower too
  8. I would estimate it by pot size, veg time, and light intensity. You're gonna want at least 35-40 gallons total to grow in, veg for at least a month, maybe 6 weeks, and probably 600 watts, though I'm sure experienced growers could get by with 400w. Idk, it depends on a lot. If you grow 5 plants in 1 gallon pails, you're not gonna get a lb regardless of light, but if you grow 5 in 5-10 gallon buckets youll get much closer.

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