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How many Plants can you really grow under 400 watt hps?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 707north, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Any experts on this subject. I've heard hundred watts per plant. my buddie that I talk to online said he grows 30 plants under a 1000 watt with great results.
  2. A 400w covers about a 3x3 area. i have managed 4 uncut 6 ft trees. Now i sog and this run i'am Scrog n. Sog i run mayb 10,growing tree's is'nt much fun anymore,too many leaves and wasted energy. now i concentrate on only bud sites. Running Kalichakra and Blue mystic clones now, the chakra clones 4 exsample grow 3'. i get 1 to 2 oz and hav mayb 10 fan leaves=equals 1 fat bud. I think min is 2,000 lumens :smoking:per sq ft
  3. all I have is 400 mh,and I will do between 9-12 buckets beneath,I usually do 2 plants per bucket,I grow main cola style strains,it works pretty well for me,but you have to do alot of moving of buckets to keep every1 happy.I do a short veg 20 days and flower according to strain.Here is an AK-48 took 83 days from seed.

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  4. i wouldnt go anymore then 4 full size plants
  5. That's some nice looking Ganja my friend.
  6. I grow 4 autoflowering strains at once under a 250 watt, DWC. 2 regular sized plants.


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