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How many plants can you legally grow in colorado?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chopsmoker420, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. What's the exact laws and ect. Also is this a state law that's been passed or a federal law
  2. i actually just read an article on this, from what i understand the max amount of plants you can grow is 6 at a time and only a max of 3 can be fully matured and the plants need to be on your own private property out of the public view. and i'm 90 percent positive its a state law but dont quote me on that
  3. What if I had 6 people living with me? Could we have 6 plants each?
  4. You can...
    - grow six plants.
    - have up to an ounce at a time.
    - give up to an ounce of your homegrown as a gift.
    - Open up cannabis shops.

    It is only legal on a state level, its still federally illegal.

  5. Here is the section from Amendment 64 regarding this.

    To sum it up you can possess up to an oz or if you are a grower you can possess your entire harvest as long as it does not leave the location in which it was grown. You can give away up to an oz but cannot be reimbursed. You can grow 6 plants with no more than 3 in flower.

    The part in bold seems to suggest that growing for other people is allowed, and doesn't put a limit on it.
  6. I think thats a good question. Could my girlfriend and I each have 3 mature plants at the same residence or room mates or whatever
  7. The cool part is that even though you can only have an "ounce" which is stupid you are legally allowed, in your house, to have how ever much six plants yields for you, and it's not unreasonable to get like 4 oz per plant.

    So if you grow it's easy to have over a pound and still be legal.
  8. [quote name='"Chopsmoker420"']What's the exact laws and ect. Also is this a state law that's been passed or a federal law[/quote]

    None, growing and buying is still illegal, its a state law its still federally illegal

  9. No you can legally grow up to six plants with up to three flowering. Obviously everything is illegal federally but at the state level you can.
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    The feds ain't going to come and bust you for six plants. How would they ever even know you're growing?

    Unless you have signs up that say you're growing weed in your house then they might. But why would anyone do that.

    Three flowering and three in veg in a perpetual grow is more than enough for personal use.

    That's whats so great about CO's law. You're "allowed" to grow it yourself for practically free compared to even the "best" dealers/dispensary prices.

    No dealer or dispensary is selling ounces of good shit for $10-$20 max but you can grow it for that.

    It's great. Hopefully many many more people start growing there own and see how cheap it really is and what a ripoff current prices are. There is no way the current ripoff prices will last. $30-$60 an EIGHTH? FUCK THAT!
  11. Truthfully there will be a bunch of new shitty indoor weed and alot more decent outdoor provided people sex their plants. Im sure it wont effect prices of quality indoor product. Definitely getting hepa filters for my intake.
  12. What if I was also prescribed it? Then could I legally grow more plants?
  13. Truthfully, since CO practically fully legalized it, if you have 7 plants I don't think they will even touch a hair on you. The best case scenario however is that enough growers become legal growers, and can be the majority. As long as you don't plant more than 20 plants, they have no business in you.
    well the whole reason it costs more to just go and buy it is because you don't have to do the work of growing it. Some people don't mind paying a little more for bud if it means they will have more free time. Prices are what they are because people are willing to pay those prices, if they weren't, the prices would go down because dispensaries wouldn't be making money. So in your eyes (and mine) its better to grow it, especially if you love to grow cannabis, but for some people its ideal, not a ripoff

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