how many phenotypes in super lemon haze

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  1. This question goes out for those who have grown the super lemon haze from greenhouse seeds. I am thinking I am going to place a order soon for soma N.Y.C Diesel and am thinking of getting a 5 pack of the super lemon haze. My problem is I have heard mixed opinions of G.H.S. I am going to be able to grow about 9 plants because my fruiting room is only 6 foot tall in total (thats counting lights and buckets ebb and flow system) and room is 5.5' x 7.5' and like I said 6' tall so I figure I can fit 9 plants or so in there doing some L.S.T. seeing as how both are mostly sativa orented and I know both are going to have difrent phenotypes and just trying to find out what my chances of finding the right one in the S.L.H. I know the nyc diesel is a good strain and a good breader.I would like to find the phenotypes I want to keep in one grow so not sure if I should just hold off on the slh or not.
    SLH scares me just because of the breader. Any help would be greatfull.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, that particular strain was just officially released to the growing public, so it may be awhile before anyone can truly answer your question. However, although I haven't grown any of Greenhouse's strains, I have read mostly positive things about the results. But remember, with any sativa-dominant strains you are almost guaranteed height for the plant and a much longer flowering time. But hell, Super Lemon Haze won the 2008 Cannabis Cup for whatever that's worth. I gotta believe it's not all that bad.
    At any rate, I hope I helped in some small way and good luck with the grow, whatever the strain ends up being...
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    yeah I ended up till 6 am last night and I ended up changing around my choices. The bad is this will be my first grow but I have grown many of other things and will be setting up a proper grow room and use to work at a nursery as did my mom the one who is also helping me has also worked in horticulture for years.
    I am thinking better to start with Indica for the ease but think I am going to grow Black Damina. I am also thinking of picking up some Jack Flash seeds to be my second grow.
    So far from reading only hard parts about growing the Jack Flash is the Height but LST will take care of that and second was that they seem to usually have a problem with Spider mites figure if I just get some lady bugs for my grow room should take care of that the last problem is from just being hard to finish but seems as though a microscope and looking for the tricomes to turn golden is all you really need for that.

    I am more or less looking to be able to get 22-36 oz. dry from each grow using 1800 watts on movers from 9-12 plants in a ebb and flow hydro with Latewoods nut suggestions. It seems like 2-3 ozs from each plant as long as I don't burn should be very possible specially from the Black Damina from what I have read from peoples grow logs and reviews. My mom has M.S. (bad vertigo) Fibromylalgia,Long Term Back pain from spinal stenosis and 2 difrent types of skin cancer so this is a for Medical use so having a strong Indica and strong Sativa mixed acordingly should help a lot. The rest well unemployment and Social Security is hard to get by on and the grow room needs to be payed for.

    I know this is long but any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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    Again, I can't say that I have a great deal of experience, but you might do well to check out High Grade Seeds ( The strains there may be able to better fulfill your needs (potency + high yield) rather than choosing a strain that forces you to prepare for potential problems (black domina with spider mites). I have read nothing but good things about the service and the genetics, not to mention the price is right. I hope this doesn't make your decision more difficult but it's always good to shop around.
    Again, I hope that this helps and let me know if I can help in any way again.
    Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's health issues and it's commendable that you are doing this with her in mind.
  5. +1 rep for minding grammer
  6. I got some slh giong now, coming into 7th week of flower. They streched alot. My room is 6'6" tall, I flowered them at about 14" and they are 2" from the light now, and one shoot is above the light. out of 4 seeds I cracked I got 2 phenos 2 are beauties and the other has wrinkley leaves and burns way before the others, its about 8" shorter too. Yield looks good and they are frosty!
  7. my good SLH pheno was real good while the others were crap

    no point, to me, in keeping genetics that get so tall though. took 5 ounces from one plant in DWC.

    ended up about 7 feet tall. ridiculous.

    great smoke though coming up on a 2 month cure.

  8. I gre out the SLH and out of 5 1 stayed so short it looked like an indica.But the other 4 stretched quite a bit but I can honestly say I thought the smoke was fantastic and will be ordering 10 more beans of the SLH for the summer promo.should have cloned the damn things but will this time.By the way the short SLH was so caked w/ chromes you could hardly see the leaves.I kept that oz. for

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