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how many oz per plant

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by stickycronic, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. hi a few of my mates are doing a grow they have a 2x2m tent with 5 600w cool tubes in and 30 15l autopots they have cuttings of bubble around 7 inch tall and have now started to flower them they think they will get around 3oz per plant is this possible with the amount of plants per light?

  2. I would say straight UP, .. ..

    It depends on the Strain, .. n, .. .. Your Growing Experience dude .. .. .. ;)
  3. is it possible to get 3000grams from the 30 plants as that works out at 1 gram per watt of light i read someware its hard to get that amount

  4. How long ya Been Growing .. ?

  5. me only a few small ones when i was younger but my mates doing this no what they are doing i think
  6. Your question reflects your level of experience. Achieving an even g/w ratio means you are a pro. Im not going say its impossible, but I am in the belief it takes more experience. Dont set your bar so high so quick, greed is green also.

    Super phenos and co2 are a must.
  7. I've been growing for a total of 5 years and I'm still not at that level of growing that is something that we all want to do but having all the stuff and room to do so is one thing its the know how to get it done is another. So ya it can be done but its hard and I know only a few guys that can do it and I spend a lot of time at there growerys learning little thing that make it happen so you can pull harvests that big. Sorry I'm high and went on a rant about it. So ya it can be done it just takes a lot to do so.
  8. A good Rule of thumb is 1 gram per watt Hydro.... .5 gram per watt soil.. And both of those are maximum if you shits perfect and your killing it! If your in soil and its your First time I think you could expect between 500-1200 grams depending on you pot size and Nutes. There's a good articles in hightimes that show's Candian grows growing like 96 plants per 4x8 tray hydro vs Dutch people putting 12 plants per 4x8 tray. All the conditions where the same nuts PPM, temps, lights ect...The yields were the same more plants usually just means more work.

  9. Yes, .. ya can get that Yield, .. However I would suggest a more reasonable amount w/ what ya know.

    If ya start w/ Getting 1.5 Oz, .. / Plant ..

    You will get more as you, .. .. Get better dude .. .. .. :)

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