How many of you..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ezav420, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. .. Neglect your homework, letting it pile up, then dedicate a day to getting as much as you can done?

    fuck, in my math class, were on section 6.7 as a class..while im still on 6.2! So i said fuckit to all my classes today. Its 11am i got a meeting with HS counselor at 230..but after that i have nothing to do all day. No work, no car for the day, nothing. Just got done killing me two cups of java, and im about to settle down and start chugging through all this.

    Im tryin to decide whether smoking a bowl will make me more distracted, or help me understand the math better!???!?!?:(
  2. Don't smoke. Wait until you're done. It will be so much better.
  3. I did that with my Algebra course last chapter and learned my lesson. I passed the test, but I turned in just under half of the homework.

    I'm not letting it pile up this chapter, and I'm sure I'll be good to go.

  4. I neglect my homework then try and do it all the class before its due in.
  5. Amen. That's how I got through high school.
  6. get r' done!

    Just put ur mind to it, you won't do anything else until the studying is done and then when it's done smoke a bowl and review what you did.
  7. and shut down the browser until you're done, man
    ..GC will distract you more than a bowl will!
  8. The truth hurts.:cool:

    Yo Durchii: i too have learned my lesson, im just gonna try and learn as much as i can for this test, and starting on monday im doing the days homework as soon as i get home.

    Thanks blades.. EXITING GC!:eek:
  9. Before I was introduced to weed, I would neglect my schoolwork. At about sophomore year, I smoked weed, and it focused my mind. I did homework before class was out so I could go home and smoke all day with my friends. I'm not sure why weed made me able to do schoolwork.
  10. i've been blowing off my work the past 3 weeks. just started a tolerance break saturday and have been getting a shitload of my work finished up. gunna continue to get my work done this week and blaze it up friday for celebration
  11. when i was in school i would say i would do my HW but never did.
  12. Find some adderall and catch up then make a schedule for yourself
  13. Well when I was in highschool, I just didnt do homework.

    Homework is gay anyways, a ***** goes to school for 6 or7 hours a day, then you want dude to do an extra 1 to 4 hours of homework a night?
  14. I never did my homework and i dropped out.
  15. I didnt drop out, I gradjiated boy.
  16. i can't believe i graduated high school.

  17. I cant believe you graduated highschool either.


    Only jokin :D
  18. Pff.. HS is easy to get by without doing homework. Im in the running start program which lets me go to community college and get credits there while getting credits for highschool as well. Im taking my political science 102 and English 102 and Math 85(which im behind in). The first two are my last requirements for HS then im done.......Yeeehaw. But yeah, its not even a matter of simply doing the work, i gotta UNDERSTAND the shit..cuz nothing matters cept the TESTS.:(:(

    thanks for the replies..i know i aint the only one to neglect their work.;)payyyce

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