How many of you were rebels as a kid?

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  1. I was rebel since I came out of the womb haha. Always hated authority since the day I can remember. Grew up shooting guns and riding quads (first quad at 4 and first time shooting a gun was 4) so what did you expect haha. I kind of broke my parents at an early age. Got caught smoking bud when I was 13 and by 15 could smoke in the house without the rents caring. Their whole thing was better safe to do it at home than elsewhere. Threw ragers all throughout high school with my rents home. Hell they would even cook us food when we were raging

    from 11th to 12th grade got suspended 3 times. First was refusing to take these bs state exams that dont count for shit, got a week out of school vacation, Second time I was high on unmentionables, the kind that just make you say fuck it;) so I walked outta the front doors and drove home. Got a nice 2 week vacation from that. and oh this was within 3 weeks of eachother so my parents were a little pissed. My mom actually tried to cover for me and say I was sick and just left lmao.

    so lets hear some of your stories
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  2. niicceeee. dude its always a party when someones drunk ass is cooking food
  3. Hell yea it is man. Shit me and my crazy best friend would go in the back locker room to smoke at lunch and we had metal shop together so we would smoke up in the welding area with the vents on and weld a little and you couldn't smell a thing. Same with the locker room cause it smelled like ass lol
  4. I was never in trouble in school but I guess you could say I was a rebel.
  5. i wouldnt call myself a rebel, but i did do a lot of dumb rebellious things i guess.

    i was a skater,rocker,guitarist kid...and i was in all advanced placement classes, kind of a weird mix. i think i was the only AP kid that got to know the security and administrative staff so well haha.

    i almost got expelled a bunch of times but my grades were IMMACULATE from k-12, so they always just gave me a slap on the wrist.

    Yay me :)
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  6. I was not. I just had a sassy mouth.
  7. I pretty much just told my parents what was up when I was a kid lol. I was kinda a dick back then but oh well me and the rents get along real good now
  8. To this day, I question authority.
    I was raised by VERY cynical parents.
  9. Yeah I was one.

    My teacher pissed me off one day and I threw a entire desk at him and then another one.

    My sister wouldn't let me stay up late so I slapped with her with a heavy suitcase then she bitched slapped me then I left two boxes in her trail, went up stairs and start rolling down suit cases like in a donkey game haha

    My mom whipped my ass butt naked like a slave so I got 2 plates and smashed them with force (I had a tamper tantrum problem)

    I fought my brother and grabbed his leg like a dog then he later body slammed me on the table (some WWF type of shit lol)

    I was a very emotional child, glad I'm not anymore though.

  10. oh damn you threw a desk??? haha brutal

  11. LOL I know, I had emotional problems back then.

  12. i remember we threw a table off the roof of our school one time...getting it up there was the hard part hahahaha...dont ask me WHY we did it. it was just an awesome idea at the time.

    didnt try to hit anyone though...
  13. I was actually a really good kid. I did bad things but was smart enough to know how to not get caught. Once I hit 12 or so was when I went into full on troublemode. Rarely got caught though, pretty much never.
  14. Still a kid, and I guess you could say I'm a rebel.

    I was actually a really good kid in school. No fights, not many detentions, hardly missed classes. After I graduated high-school I got a place of my own and dropped out of college; that's really where my "life" started in my opinion. I don't subscribe to labels, but "rebel" isn't too far off I guess.

    Just imagine a motorcycle riding, gun-toting, knife wielding, weed-smoking, crazy mother fucker that still tips his hat and holds the door open for the ladies. ;)
  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  16. No cuz my parents whooped the shit out of me if i acted out of line.
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    I did a lot of shit, I was more than a rebel child and was smart enough not to get caught. If I posted a lot of the stuff I did here, I feel there would be an investigation and I would be arrested. A lot of open cases in the police records.

    Though someone I used to know, that I don't know anymore named "Joe" was quite the rebel:
    -Set off a flare in the playground in grade 7 while classes were in session, which landed on the roof of the school setting part of it ablaze which caused the school to evacuate and an airplane full of water had to put it out. News crews arrived and everything. He never got caught. The scariest moment of Joes life.

    -Around 12, Joe was a kleptomaniac stealing things he didn't need which he strongly regrets. Lots of cars where broken into, hotwired and joy ridden. Back then cars were really easy to start. All you needed was a long flathead screwdriver and cutters. Minor stuff like laptops, bikes, lawn mowers, tools, video game systems, jewelery, chemical supplies, science glass, and even small animals were stolen. This continued on throughout highschool until 17 until his severe depression went away and stopped using the thrill of theft to self medicate.

    -Around 15, Joe was still a pyromaniac and started experimenting with chemical reactions and explosives. It didn't help that he had all this stolen chemical supplies and science glass to mix them in. The neighborhood and city was terrified of this unknown terrorist as their cars were being destroyed by thermite, property was turned into shrapnel, traffic light posts were being brought to the ground, etc.

    -Around 16, Joe completely burned down an abandonded hospital.

    -The final act to end Joes love for flame was setting a police car on fire. After that Joe realized its time to change and grow up. Hasn't had an urge to burn stuff (other than weed) since. His love for the smell of smoke, the relaxing calm feeling of watching a dancing flame, the adrenaline and thrill came to an end.

    -Joe of course has done very minor stupid things in his life too, pranks, breaking into buildings via lock pick, etc

    Joe grew up though, although he regretted his bad history, he is very glad he never got caught once (except onetime when he tried stealing a PC Gamer free demo CD from a magazine when he was 10 become some old lady saw him through the shelves). A lot of life experience and skills were gained that he would have never gotten being some straight edge kid.

    Joe NEVER hurt anyone, he loved and cherished the life of others and from last of what I heard of him is he is on the path of becoming a psychology doctor and developing strategies to reduce the amount of people living on the streets. He now helps build and makes positive changes to society when he can.
  18. walked out of my parents house and left..

    walked outta HS and left..
    walked outta college and left...
    walked outta my jobs and just left..

    i guess
  19. Is that rebel or quitter?

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