How many of you skate?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dunit, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I rollerblade myself, Im skating 05 haffey remz, 50/50 cores, and dl 3 mindgames.
  2. i've got custom shima 3's. but i just bought an old cult 2 boot on ebay for 37.00. so the shima's will be even more custom. i've got GC frames, older white ones. and new 4x4 wheels, with 4x4 antirocker.

    what do you skate? (rails, handi, stair, ledge, gap)
  3. skateBOARDING is life
  4. I just started skateboarding a few days ago, I can already drop in on all the ramps at my park, the biggest one is probably 7-8 feet. I kind of have an advantage though because Ive been skateboarding my whole life, but on a longboard, so I have the idea down I just have to relearn everything on a smaller board and apply it to ramps. Today I was trying to learn how to do an axle stall and a rock 'n roll but I couldnt get either of them, got close though..hopefully tomorrow.
  5. ....fruit booter.....

    i used to, stopped when i got to college... if i got hurt, i'd've been out a $20k scholarship...not good

    edit: jasonjasonjason.... put in a solid hour or so on a narrow 3ft'er (just so you can have it to yourself) or so and you'll have the rock n roll DOWN... the stall will come very soon after... promise
  6. Just got frontside flips. Ima try to take down a 3 this weekend. We'll see how that goes.
  7. I skate handis, ledges, and down ledges mainly. But I roll philly a lot. Phillys killin shit. What about your scene?
  8. Yeah Im just havin a hard time transferring my weight up onto the coping, I think Ill get it tomorrow though.
  9. Been skating for a little over 5 years now.
  10. i do rhythmic skating.

    Oh yeah. :rolleyes:
  11. i skateboard. i have an almost just in case anybodys interested
  12. i skated alot when i was younger. Good times.

    but i havent skated in years.
  13. hell ya i skate
  14. I got a Flip(tom penny) deck, Venture superlight lows,spitfire wheels, black swiis bearing, black magic griptape, shortys silverados and shorts risers.

    Learning to hit low rails.
  15. My body won't let me skate anymore

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