How many of you played with fire as a kid?

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  1. I always played with fire, one made NY1 news when I was younger. Now in college we set fires to lighters and clothes as well as the garbage around us. Lighters drip fire, clothes catch quickly and almost anything can be caught on fire. Also magnesium ribbon does not heat up the entire strip when you light it. I held it on one and and lit the other, and my fingers are fine.
  2. oh my god. I couldn't fucking stop trying to light fires when I was a kid. I would always get caught trying to light fires in the neighborhood and i would plead hysterically for them not to tell my mother.

    it was seriously fucked up.


    it;s kinda whatever
  3. My dad when he was 10 stole a cigar and a box of matches from his dad. Him and his buddy went to the town shed if you will, put picnic tables, lawn mowers, etc in it in the winter. Anyways they found some gas and poured a bit in the snow and threw a match on it... cool but it is in snow so it goes out... they did it again but this time they poured gas from the can on the fire. Long story short they burnt that bitch down.
  4. I burned the shit out of my army men.

    I also used to take the candle wax out of candles after it melted and roll little balls with it. Wax everywhere.
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    I actually still do. Well not play as much, I'm still fascinated by fire. I bet that sounds weird. Oh well. Anyways, when I was younger my friends and I would start fires at construction sites. Not trying to be arsonists, it was just something to do. I brought a magnifying glass to school and attempted to light a paper towel on fire. Luckily you cannot focus the sunlight enough to burn through a window. This kid ratted me out and I almost got expelled for arson, which was complete bullshit. I lived on three acres of land and would have make bonfires a lot. Only one in boy scouts who could start a fire without a lighter or matches and lighter fluid. Sure those are fun to use, but flint and steel are awesome. That whole bow and stick thing is extremely hard, I could get embers but that was about it. Our scoutmaster took over and had a blaze going in no time. My pyromania led me to discover how to make a "crack lighter" before I started smoking. I have a scar on my left hand pinkie because of lighting plastic and it dripped onto it. I almost seriously damaged my left hand again when I found out this foot spray I had was somewhat fire retardant. Tested it on toys first and when they didn't melt I sprayed it on my hand. Pretty cool until the stuff burned away and my hand got extremely hot. I panicked and stuck my hand in the toilet to put the flames out. Then I made a "flamethrower" with a 20 ounce coke bottle by poking holes in the bottom, spraying hairspray into it, lighting and blowing. That somehow backfired and I burned most of my facial hair, and everything smelled like hairspray for a couple of days. That's about it I think.

    Nevermind, I forgot about the time the police found a footprint at one of the construction sites. He stopped a bunch of us and we all had Vans on which what the print was from. I don't whose shoe it was and I wasn't at that fire but he let us all go so it was good. I go to Alabama to buy fireworks for the 4th and New Year's and use whatever's leftover for experiments.
  6. I play with fire all day at work. if you could get fired for misuse of the oxy torch i would be long gone. but i mean seriously i work in a room full of kerosene, gas cylinders, welders and oxy sets, and right outside there is an enormous pile of firewood that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
  7. This thread got me nostalgia to all the stupid shit I did when I was a kid, although I'm still a pyro now (like I burned some photographs yesterday for my own enjoyment, it's really fun cuz they burn slowly like plastic) I did some serious shit when I was a kid, like me and my friends would literally have litters everyday we were out side burning all kinds of shit. And somehow never got caught either:cool:.

    Like one time, me and my friends went into an apartment that was being renovated and stole some flammable glue, next we go into an unoccupied Forrest and light the some of glue on fire, the glue was very viscous and the fire managed to travel from the ground to the bottle of glue that my friend was holding. Then my friend starts bugging the fuck out, afraid of catching on fire he starts to flailing his arms trying to get the glue on fire out, instead the glue is now everywhere around us, and from the looks of it the whole fucking forest is gonna burn down, so then my friends start putting the fire out, and the his shoe and lower leg start to catch on fire, we put the fire out on him (he's fine btw), and somehow put the fire out. Good times, good times:rolleyes:.

    Many other times me and my friends would get mad amounts of newspaper, and paper in general and start fires in underground entrances to a parking lot, needless to say most of those times the fire would get out of control, and the flames would reach 20 feet in the air, but luckily the underground entrances are made out of concrete, so the flames would not spread.

    Mostly nowadays the only fun me and my friends have fun with fire (kind of), is have a giant firework war with each other, every time there is a holiday (like Victoria day, or Canada day). It is extremely fun for anyone who want's to try it, but be sure to wear protective eyewear because kids, when doing stupid shit remember 2 things: don't get caught, and safety first hehehehe.

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