How many of you played with fire as a kid?

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  1. I knew alot of people who played with fire including me and I use to play with gas to alot of flamable items till I got caught and went to the fire hall and had a Criminal Record. for a few years I was like 10.

    So how many of you played with it did anything really fucking stupid.
  2. I burned shit all the time until the security guards at my apartment complex found out. They told me I was going to get into huge trouble, so I told my mom about it, but then I didn't get in any trouble at all. They tricked me into telling my mom. :p
  3. Yes, I threw aerosol cans into fires, played with gasoline, made pipe bombs. I was a pyro.
  4. Of course, but I blame it on my dad for getting fireworks all the time.
  5. Just as a kid? Shit, I still blow shit up and burn shit whenever I get a chance.
  6. Haha yeah me and a friend, actually a fellow blade use to burn shit all the time. For some reason it was just really fun for us to do. Give us some matches and some wd-40 and we found a way to entertain ourselfs.
  7. i like playing with fire.

    i dont just burn shit, i try to control it.
  8. I kept a can of hairspray near the toilet so that I could spray words on the floor and light it while I took a shit.
  9. Haha im with this guy man, I love watching shit burn.
  10. as a kid we made our own m-80 equilvants...

    that was kinda cool... pouring hot glue into a tight cardboard cylinder with a fuse.
  11. I got an air mattress I plan on filling up with hydrogen once I make my next drycell and blowing that bitch up. Shit is going to be crazy.
  12. I still play with fire, man. Although now it's mostly joined with my weed-smoking. Almost set my shoe on fire today, when dropping a match.
  13. I shoved a firecracker into a live oyster and blew it up. I have like 4 different torch lighters that I melt shit with.

    Fire is fun.
  14. stuck a lit firecracker on the end of a pipe into a huge hornet nest. that pissed'em off
  15. I did but we have a cabin and went camping a lot :confused_2:
  16. i used to play with fire all the time as a kid
    men my friends
    usedto have fireworks wars n shit ina huge dirt field
    we used to makwe small pen bombs n blowrandom sshit up
    didnt harm anything tho, wernt bad about it
    but we harmed eachother alot hah
  17. Starting to remember all the fun shit I did. I blew up a nest too once with a quarter stick I stole from my dad. I balanced it on a flat shovel and eased my way up to it. I think I was a lil too close to that one... Most died, but a good bit of them were just knocked out, they were pissed when they started coming around.

    I went out of state once to buy a shitload of fireworks. A backseat and truck full of about $700 work of things that go boom. The best were the giant bottle rockets. The rocket itself was like a paper towel roll with a 36" stick. We punched a hole in the ground and were shooting them off. All went up with no problems except the very last one. I got stuck and I took off running. It was awesome cause it was like a movie, running from bombs and shit as blue and green embers burnt my back and flew past me. My friend is on here and got caught in the explosion too.

    Damn I miss those days.
  18. Video, please?
  19. oh hell yeah..and one of my friends managed to get gas in his eye one time and we had to call 911

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