how many of you are to shit faced to type!

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. i am get there ! whats up! skunk weed and darvons rule! aadd some neurontin and you got a mid high ball! holely fiuck! hahhahahhahahhahahlolllllollolollooll gone out of there ! saled man over board! real baord at lest! high you mother fucks whats up! anyone out their have fun to night ,or what! hello any one home!knock knock who there me and i am all fucked up let me in you crazy basters! party party light that bitch nott my shrit dum fuck! it s not lit dork! hahhaahah latter i am haveing fun and if you dont come on here and talk i am going home o thats right i am home hahahah some fucking say some thing quike i think i am going to have to smoke some more! rool one bad taod where flying to night any one partying out there!
  2. step away!lol why so the doctors can tell me i cant be helped or they want to drug me so much i wont see it comeing shit i can do that myself !this aint shit man the things ive seen the places ive been!stock of myself! hahahah lolololool you telll the best ones!well i step out on my frount porch and what do i see i am not sure but i own ever thing around me and i own nothing!you cant take it with you!go ahead make fun of me when am stoned and fucked up but watch you tonge i wont be stoned for ever!your a kick, kid !step away!lol wiseman like getting fucked up to!has it dawn on you i am dieing you little-----! you ever seen a man of honor die i have !to many times!know you dont got to respect me, matter of fact you dont want to hear me ,ok if thats what you want i well step a way farway!
  3. well if you didnt understood what i said, why reply!said the spider to the fly!step back and think why!you dont know me !you dont know who or what i am, do you? !i guess i dont know you!and i think thats the way ill leave it

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