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How many of you are going out tomorrow (Saturday) and getting a nice pickup :D?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CheapBastard, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. How many of you are going to wake up tomorrow Saturday morning, going out and getting an amazing pick up?

    I'm getting an eighth of some nice frosty buds :hello:
  2. Have fun lol
  3. Started today with $7. Ended it with $80.

    Tommorrow shall be a good day :]
  4. Lucky for me my friend owes me a good day out with some Mary Jane so my day tomorrow will be Amazing:D :smoke:
  5. Hopefully. I get paid tomorrow. So hopefully i will come home to find good news involving dank bud in my hand.
  6. I don't go to mine, mine comes to me. I always make sure I am stocked up ahead of time so I never have to worry about tomorrow.
  7. Might get a half o tomorrow... not sure though, I'll take some pics and upload if I do. :)
  8. Getting a 8th.. Or a 4th. It depends on how much my guy has. But yeah, it'll be a good night!
  9. I'm in an sat class...
  10. probs picking up another o today...good times
  11. 15 minutes into sunday here :)

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