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How many of yall were the first of your friends?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kush Smokker, May 10, 2011.

  1. Did you somehow get your hands on a joint, like it, and slowly introduce your friends to it, or was it your group of friends that got you into it? Me? I remember back when I was 14/15, my Friday nights consisted of me smoking bowls and my friends all amazed, asking me a million questions about how I felt and shit haha By age 16 they all got into it :)
  2. got myself into it and same they would always ask questions and they are all slowly getting into it
  3. I was the first of my friend group. Started at 12 so you could imagine that other weren't into it yet. :p
  4. I was always around it when I was growing up so it was sort of natural for me. my cuz got me high for the first time when I was in 6th grade. Been cheifin ever since.
  5. Me and one other friend were the first from our group, I can't even remember how we got interested in it.
  6. I was second of my childhood friends to smoke. But the first friend was a year above us in school. I didn't tell them I smoked until after high school, even though I'm pretty sure they knew and it was kinda obvious. Now all of them but 1 smoke more than I do. Pretty crazy.
  7. lol me and this other kid were the first of our group to smoke. we didnt even do it that much but all of our other friends called us potheads and shit. ironic though because those same friends have all been caught by the law for weed now, while i sit back and chuckle at their stupidity.
  8. I did it before the rest of them... but it wasn't very common for me. Eventually we all just exploded in a frenzy of weed consumption.
  9. I'm not sure - don't think I was the first of my small group to "try" it mate started smoking regularly at uni, I started (more regularly) about 3 years ago
  10. Yeah I was one of the first out of my big group of friends, I aint no bitch.
  11. I was far from the first of my group to get high. I was at my friends house one night and he was about to smoke and asked me if I wanted to try it. I was about to bitch out but then he said, "It's alright man you don't have to do it, but you're taking the first hit"

    Now I'm really glad he made me smoke haha.
  12. I was the first to try it out of my friends, freshmen years hs i think ha. Now I have my bro and 2 friends since grade school doing it.
  13. my friends were against it and shit 
    i was smoking and they saw how i am after smoking it and understood it isnt bad ....
  14. I was raised reefer mad ess style. I was also and still am a skater so it kinda came around early for our friends. My buddy started when he was 13 and less than a year later (i was 14) i tried it with a couple friends and all of us have been smokin since. I only have one childhood froend who wont ever smoke.
  15. The first in my group were me and my girl. We started doing it regularly now and some people joined the club. Fun times.

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  16. I started smoking before my friends my age but the first time I smoked was when I was 12 with like a close friend who was like 3 years older than me at the time. I'm kind of a loner lol but I got my close friends into it.
  17. I live in Amsterdam/The Netherlands. I was walking my dog out when i was14 years old. Every day i saw a group of guys smoke that stuff making them happy and laugh. I said to myself gotta try that. So i saved money a 2 weeks long and asked an elder to buy me some from a coffeeshop.

    Then when walking my dog i smoked it and never stopped ever since. I love green.
  18. Out of my close friends who I'd go and say that circle is about a close 7. I'd be the first one. I had weird looks but now its a group thing.
  19. When I was in grade 10, my boyfriend at the time smoked weed and I was COMPLETELY against it. It caused a lot of problems between us, and we broke up after five months due to trust issues involving weed and alcohol. Haha. 

    Shortly after, I decided to try this mystical plant that my ex worshipped. I got my hands on my very first gram of weed and googled how to make my own bong, hahaha. I made a nice lil g bong actually, considering i was a geeky church girl who had never even touched alcohol before loololol. I only got a slight buzz the first time, but i got completely ripped the second time. Fell in love. 
    I didn't tell anyone i was smoking for almost a year, then got a couple close friends to try it. One liked it, but the other two were freaked out and never touched it again. Most of the people I chill with now are folks I've met along the road though, yknow. Word travels along the weedvine. ;)
  20. We all kind of started around the same time actually.

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