how many of yall grow in buckets ...not ground...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 18, 2006.

  1. im just wandering what people grow in more, the ground or buckets. y do u prefer each one over the other. can a plants roots get big enough in a bucket to produce the same yeilds as a plant in the ground. i like buckets cuz they can be moved easy as hell lol. i tried the ground but it kept getting soaked.
  2. theres nothing real technical here, the main concept is root growth, ground you won't have to water as much and developes larger and stronger roots, pots are the laazy way to go.
  3. I say the only way to ever realy produce the stuff is garden style patch guerilla style.
  4. Hardly! Pots are more work.

    I like to use pots so I can move my plants around to adjust their conditions. Also, if one plant is growing at a different rate or having some sort of problem, I can adjust feeding and nutrient intake for that individual plant and target it directly. I can also better regulate soil pH and total concentration of salts, etc.

    Planted in the ground, provided there is good soil, will usually lead to better root systems and bigger plants though.
  5. im talking about preparation, digging a 3x3 ft hole is tiresome, mabe you have problems with pots but i don't, creates ease for me.
  6. Just recently i planted a seed direct into the ground about 1/2 inch deep, It is now strong and healthy. On the other hend i have a plant growing in a large pot too so i gues im on both sides of the fence:hello:
  7. I love using pots.
  8. I grow on my roof terrace. Buckets is the only option.
  9. i was thinking about growing in pots but decided it was better to go in the ground after i found a nice spot near my house. the reason; for bigger plants!

  10. I would be interested to learn how you intend to water them in the dry heat of the Spanish summer.

    In August my ladies take 6 litres each every day. That´s a lot of humping in the heat. And I find I have to water every 24, they wilt after 36.

  11. well as i said its a nice spot. you must know the irrigating techniques of the spanish? well this spot is at the the bottom of the water table where the water is fed out into the concrete channels, (still concealed) they should find a bit of extra water from there. i still intend to water the plants myself, i need to get fit and stop smoking cigs so the exercise will help! plus i need to walk my dog Rooney. also being in the ground they will need less watering than yours, as you grow in pots. ive dug an area out and there is damp earth towards the bottom. thanks for your concern but i am still confident! :)
  12. Yes, pots will get drier than soil. It is good that you have found damp earth, I hope it is still damp in August.

    Spanish market gardeners irrigate with plastic pipes, I have seen them, but you can´t do that realistically. I hope you don´t finish up humping too much. But it will still be worth it. Good luck.

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