How many of us stoners smoke cigs?

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  1. Just wondering how many smoke cig's. I personally only smoke weed, ive never smoked a cig so i cant really down them. But i dont see the point in smoking something addictive, that doesnt get you high lol:rolleyes:
  2. Wow I've never heard that before. Awesome quote. haha
  3. mmm ciggies....

    Camel Turkish Silver repppp
  4. i drink, smoke weed, smoke ciggs, and chew.

    my ciggs of choice are marlboro lights and when drinking i buy 27's
  5. I occasionally smoke cigs..when I do its either reds or camel filters
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    I smoke reds and ports but not as often as most people. I smoke maybe 2 or 3 cigs a day unless I'm with my buddies (then it could be any amount). I smoke more when I'm drinking or on pills though.
  7. Just weed thankyouverymuch, I tried a cig once when I was 5, it was horrible. Never again. ;)
  8. Theres nothing like a delicious turkish gold after a blunt. I smoke around four times a day and also smoke a pack of cigs a day, I wonder if I can get on the lung transplant list in advance?
  9. Weed and swisher sweets generally only when i'm high or drinking though.
  10. only weed, cigs make me sick.

    Seriously, i've tried em like 20 times, my buds say they're awesome, i just can't get with em.

    Besides, weed may be full of propaganda, but cigs really do screw you up.

    I dont want lung cancer :p
  11. Alot of my friends smoke ciggs. But not me.

    i rather smoke a blunt anyday :)
  12. Where's the 'Cigs only' option?;)
  13. ill smoke cigs here and there. definitely not addicted. turkish royals are where its at boys and girls.
  14. i do. seriously trying to quit tho. haven't had one all day today :D
  15. I find that most who smoke weed smoke cigarettes as well. Not I. Weed smoke makes me feel good and I welcome it whenever possible. Cigarette smoke KILLS my allergies and I can't stand it. However, I still deal with it when my friends smoke around me, people who are obnoxious about that are the worst.
  16. I smoke Reds...have been for years...two packs a day. Smoke about an 1/8th of weed a day too...haha.:smoke:
  17. definitely gotta have a cig after blazing. always seems to fuck me up more, and its awesome. smoke almost a pack a day of those camel lights and a couple bowl packs a day, and the occasional tin of skoal peach. shit dude, im dying at a young age.
  18. I never really smoked cigarettes except for when I didn't have weed. I smoke more now but it never became a habit
  19. i smoke weed no alchol (except mojitos)no cigs no dip and very rarely a grape dutch master
  20. I cant believe the amount of poeple that smoke cigs??? I think they should be illegal, and weed should be legal

    Weed is just awesome, and any side effects are well worth it.

    So somebody explain to me why cigs are so good?

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