How many of u love alcohol

Discussion in 'General' started by Xaijiqq, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. I like it so much i need to stay away but still good stuff
  2. icky icky tastes like poo
  3. come onnnn

    it makes u feel good :p
  4. no way man, it tastes like crap to me, and I like the buzz I get from weed better...nothing against anyone who likes alcohol, but it's definately not for me
  5. i understand.,.,

    but i do enjoy some alcohol in me, after a days work
  6. I agree, alcohol makes me sick. I just like to stick to weed, nothing against people who drink though.
  7. it loves me
  8. well, I must confess, I do love Piña Coladas...they are soooo good!
  9. ~pulls hempress into the darkside~
  10. i dont drink anymore, just smoke on the ganja
  11. i love it man its great stuff
  12. u know, the occasional bacardi cola for me.... but not that i drink myself stupid
  13. plz

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  14. hangover's suck. thats it. thats the only problem for me. i love to drink, all the time. i love to smoke too, all the time. i like smokin' more, but i mean i just have to do both all the time. i wouldn't be myself if i didn't

  15. Alcohol scares me... it's dangerous and makes people mean (in my experience)... I am not one to drink, never have.
  16. hell yeah, I turn into this real charmful mean screaming machine. its funny though cause the people I go out and drink with, we got out knowing whats going to happen, which is nothing good for any place we go, but since we dont remember anything that happens anyway, then did it really ever happen? hmmm....
  17. I much rather do one or the other...its too hard to mix them, then I loose track of my highness and drunkness and just sleep :p
  18. knird

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