How many more weeks?**PICS**

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  1. Its been flowering for 52 days now. Trichs are 30% cloudy and 70% clear, i have no idea how fast trichs change. Anyone want to help me determine when they will be done? :smoke: Here are some pics.

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  2. About 2 weeks. Nothing but plain water. Almost there.
  3. those buds are huge
  4. nice lookin little lady you got there.

    i would agree that is has about two more weeks to go
  5. if its a 8 to 9 week strain then 2 more weeks flush only 9 week strain begining of 8th week flush with 3 times the pot size then again begining of 9th week then let it dry then harvest
  6. REally close!!! I can smell them here! Like the others, two more weeks and you will not know what to do with all the nugs (possibly smoke them?)

    Keep up the good work, man! It is really good to see a good patient grower like you! (so many chopped their girls too early in my humble opinion)

    Oh, what is the strain? They are looking so beautiful, I want to try my hands on the same strain!
  7. Its bagseed, but yea its a pretty nice plant, I think I got a good seed. Also I know its a more sativa dominant strain due the the leaves and late flowering, it took like 2 weeks after 12/12 until flowers showed.
  8. i would say about 15 days
  9. I'd go with 2 and a half weeks, but I like my buds to be nice and mature :smoke:
  10. If it was me cut at 55 days religously, 7 induced in flower every 3 weeks, cut every 3 weeks,
  11. Wow, I'm jealous. I wish my plant had 1/2 the bud mass yours has. How many watts do you have in there?
  12. Hey man. That looks like good shit :bongin:=:smoking:
  13. i just want to say
    your pictures made my day.
  14. It's interesting that you're using bagseed, I wonder if its similar to what I started with. My 1st grow was bagseed and my plant was shaped exactly like yours is.

    It sounds like you got the answer you were looking for, best of luck with the final sprint man.
  15. Got any harvest pics yet? Also I was wondering what you were growing in. It looks like maybe a gutted out filing cabinet or something? Thanks!
  16. I was wondering how many watts you are using?
    Nice grow man, Certainly made my day.

  17. nce plant there mate!

    just a noob question of mine, how come you plant is small but bushy and other single plants can be huge and tall?

    is it just how big the pot is in relation to how much the roots can grow out?


  18. It was just a normal cabinet that I found at home depot, it had an adjustable shelf but had no way of keeping it shut all the way. So I had to go buy a locking mechanism for a dollar and then it was good.

    I am using like 412 watts of CFLs, mostly 2800k.

    I did low stress training (LST) but without trimming or topping it, this way there is no stunt in growth but all you do is bend the plant sideways after the first few leaf sets. The plant will just grow very low and create many good sized colas in the end.

    I will post a harvest thread soon, I did it about a week ago but I have been to busy celebrating since I just graduated. I will give you guys a link here. :smoking:

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