how many like GTA?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. i got my ps2 last saturday, and i got GTA3 for only 19.99 brand new at target. ive been playing it nonstop! im stuck though, i gotta pick up these damn packages from a plane and then get back to the dudes house with 5 stars... its starting to piss me off because i want to get to the third island, and im sure im close... anyways, just wanted to see who here plays gta, how far you got, and which you think is better - the third one, or vice city? ok thanks cya

  2. i think Vice City is better, cos it's SO FUCKEN 80s!!!!!

    i was playing the original GTA earlier, and lol, it's really poo. it's too hard to aim, or steer cars
    of course, that only applies to the missions. none of that matters when i just want to cause carnage because it doesn't matter if you die that much

    the BEST thing is on the PC. you can download a mod for GTA3 which allows you to play it multiplayer :D it's so much fun

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