How Many lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jqwerty, May 12, 2010.

  1. okay i have read numerous threads and books about lighting and watts but i just wanted to get an educated opinion from the GC community :)

    I am going to have either 6 clones or 8 (depending on lighting costs) but id like to have Even more! I have a 6x10 foot area to grow and im not too sure what lights i should get... I dont want to spend over 150 on lights but i DO want quality. I would also like to get something that lets me switch or maybe even combine Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs (idk which would be better)

    Im still confussed on light placement and wattage per plant with different types of bulbs

    Any one nice enough to suggest any ideas or links to famous or commonly used lights?
  2. for that size I bet you need at least 2 400w hps. Start saving more $$
  3. Are you kidding me?! I thought that i could AT LEAST stay under the 200 range for sure???

  4. not if you want to have 8 plants.

    u can prolly find a cheap 400w hps system on ebay for 150 shipped.
    but thats only good for like 4 decent sized plants.
    and it wouldnt take up the 6x10 or how ever big u said ur grow area is.
  5. 6 x 10 take a good bit wattage.Personally i wouldnt go smaller than a 400 and make it 3 x 3
  6. Depends on your needs. You can get a 70w HPS from Lowes for $35 that will net you over an ounce/8 weeks, but that light is not very efficient. HPS get more efficient as you go up in wattage until 600w.

    You could get a 600w enhanced spectrum HPS with digital ballast and use it vertically, that could net you over a pound/ 8 weeks. ~$400 from HID HUT but you would need a decent fan and scrubber too.

    Of course there is LED. Pinstripe on Icmag built a custom 22w LED for $150. He stuffed it into a PC case and yielded over an ounce ~38g I think it was.

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